Monday, February 28, 2011

OK I Need to Stop Spending NOW!

Well here it is February 28th and we're spending March's money already. That's what happens when my pay goes in on the weekend before my actual payday. However, groceries needed to be bought and what we bought will last us to the middle of the month when I get paid again. One thing we are learning around here is how to make our food budget stretch. We really are handling our food preparation in a more economical way. We're eating a lot less meat and building meals around a wider variety of staples such as lentils, chick peas, kidney beans, navy beans, rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

BUT I need to put the brakes on spending! Have you ever noticed that once you start spending you want to keep on spending!!! We ended our weekend splurge yesterday by going to the Black History Month gala (which was wonderful by the way - one of our good friends Charmain sang - she's amazing) but it cost $12 each and then when it was done we were starving (we thought they'd have food but there wasn't!) so I suggested we go to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant for soup and "something". The "something" for me was shrimp pad thai and for Michael spring rolls and curried chicken and we shared a large sweet and sour soup. Scrumptious!! All in all it only came to $30 including tip so it wasn't expensiveBUT we need to get back into the groove of spending less, eating at home and following our budget!

It's startling to realize how quickly spending a bit extra here and there can develop into a full-out binge and before you know it the budget is in tatters. So I'm reining in the spending and putting a lock on my wallet. Gotta get back on track. 

Luckily "Princess" is on tonight followed by two episodes of "Til Debt do us Part". Gail Vaz-Oxlade will get me back on the straight and narrow like NOBODY else can while I pedal like mad on my bike. I've missed pedalling my way east for awhile but I'm feeling well enough to get back in the saddle so OFF I GO!  I did 15km on Saturday and will try for 25km tonight. I'm heading past Cornwall and will soon be in Quebec - La Belle Province!

Tally ho!! Zoom zoom zoooooooooooooooooommmm!!!!!

Beat ya!!


  1. Pa Thai is one of my favourites, for all you ate the prices werent too bad.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, things are looking a bit serious for us.
    My Sister phoned me on the weekend and told me her Marriage was over and she was moving out, and my first words to her were. " Can I come too "
    Her Hubby is an Alcoholic, and so she feels no security, mine is a compulsive gambler which is why he won,t allow me any control over his money.where do we go from here as he wont seek help.

  2. Did you remember to stop in Morrisburg for a cupa with me? It's so lovely to think of biking to PEI.
    I know you'll do well with your spending. I'm quite jelous of the amounts you put into savings and debt. I can't come even close to that.

  3. Jane, I totally get that. Spending begats spending.

    It's like eating cookies, one leads to another.

    Good for you for locking up the wallet. Here's hoping March brings sunshine and that old fashioned discipline back to your house (and mine too!)

  4. That pad thai looks scrumptious, how could you resist? I find that when the paycheque comes in at first I spend spend spend. Lots of bills, groceries and bits to buy but usually after the binge I'm good at holding the last bit of money till the next cheque.

  5. I'm curious, where do you go for Vietnamese?

    It is a slippery slope sometimes... I get that "what the heck, it's only X amount more" feeling after being a bit spendy. Gail can be a great motivator/reminder when that happens :)

    Your ride to PEI is going well :) You're almost in another province!!

  6. Psychsarah - it's a little place called Thuan Kieu in a plaza on the corner of Huron and Sandford. Economical and the best service in the city. Love it!

  7. I love the picture of your home in PEI. It is postcard perfect. And you are right about once you start spending it is hard to stop! I bought the grandson some books, my daughter a Marylin Monroe picture,and myself a new laptop computer. The tax refund will cover these purchases.


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