Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap - First Week of No Spend February

 In honour of No Spend February I have wrapped up this week with old newspaper:)
 Due to events out of my control: snow day, sore throat, I am happy to report that I have spent NO MONEY besides the following expenses - debt, groceries, gas, condo fee and chequing account service charge.

When I wanted to get a Timmy's and a newspaper I made a pot of tea and went of the National Post website instead.

I was going to go to the movies yesterday but wasn't feeling well - now I wouldn't advise that one too often but I stayed home and save a few $$.

It was also the first two days of the second semester on Thursday and Friday so I was ultra busy and didn't even THINK about anything other than school.

So what have I learned?
a) keep really really busy and there's no time for needless spending
b) make do with what you have instead of wanting something else (tea, online newspaper)
c) being sick has a silver lining:)

I had a toonie ($2.00) in my wallet at the beginning of the week and it's still there. I am drinking lots of tea and honey to keep my throat lubricated and my DD and I are spending quality time together.

Hope your weekend is going well (it's snowing like the dickens out there) and if you are doing the February NoSpend Challenge I hope all your expenses are small change!


  1. Im glad you're no spend month is going well, but I hope you're feeling better! I'm on the mend myself, though i think my sickness cost us more money than it saved-I am Cheif cook around here, so while I've been down for the count DH has been buying more convenience food (eg rotisserie chicken) but I've been so out of it, I haven't cared. Feeling healthy really is priceless!

  2. Sorry about your sore throat, but you really are right about that - illness, dental trauma or anything like that really sidelines the spending and leaves the expensive beer waiting in the fridge for another day, all of which adds up to a healthy checkbook balance!

  3. Today was a spend day for me, as I needed to get groceries. I stayed in the rest of the day as it was a cold, rainy day.

    You did awesome your first week, although I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. My "week" isn't over until Monday, so if I don't spend anything tomorrow or Monday I should be okay!

  4. Jane I,ve been MIA for your last three posts but I have caught up and I enjoyed them thoroughly.

    Wrapping you in TLC for that sore throat, and congratulating you on your saving and no spending abilities.

    Hoping I will have a PC to meet you on, I would be lost without one !!!

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon Jane. At least your sore throat helped you with your challenge!

  6. Hope your sore throat gets better! You are doing a great job on your no spend challenge for this month. And it is wonderful to have time with our daughters, isn't it? :)

  7. You've had a great week (except for being sick)... way to go!

  8. Doing well on the [not] spending Jane!

    I think learning to 'make do' is what keeps my grocery spending in line!

    Fell better soon x

  9. what an amazing first week - I know it is a bummer to be sick, but goodess, it is great to have so many no spends ;)

  10. Thanks for the well wishes everyone and psych sarah we LOVE those rotisserie chickens around her - often they're cheaper than the uncooked ones:)


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