Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowdrop SMACKdown!!

Remember how I was gloating over these luscious green shoots?

This is what being smug will get ya!
Six to eight more inches of the white stuff!
My darling snowdrops are buried once again,
I know they will SURVIVE!!
I know they will BLOOM!!
Just, not right now, not today :(

On another note...thank you my dear friends for your
words of advice and wisdom around my stupid virus thingamajiggy.
I am going to pay some much-needed attention to my body -
I really thought I was on the mend (or thought I could convince my body of that) but either I've picked up another bug from one of my students which is highly likely or the one I have has worsened.
I really really hate being sick (feel it's a sign of weakness, I know that's stupid but that's the way I am and it has been 3plus years since I last had a virus or illness of any kind so I pride myself as being that person
who NEVER gets sick - and this is my body having the last laugh!!)
Ok, going to drink my orange juice now.

P.S. Sharon - here's a picture from last year when the snowdrops were in bloom, aren't they precious?

Galanthus nivalis


jpkittie said...

those are gorgeous! (*but I love the snow shots too!!)

Sharon said...

I want some!!! They are gorgeous!!!

Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself! :) Here's to getting well real soon!

The Witch said...

Your snowdrops are very pretty when in full bloom. They look so natural mixed in beside the rocks. I ordered a few seed catalogs just so I can drool over the beauty of the flowers. It gives me something to look forward to beside this snow everyday.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

444 said...

Aw, poor snowdrops... the snow is coming our way too, I heard!

Anonymous said...

So *you're* the reason we got all this snow again! ;) lol!!!

Hope you're feeling better soon, Jane! Have you tried Oil of Oregano? I swear by it...

Maureen said...

Now you see them and now you don,t, these are the hardiest plants in the garden so they will be back.

Hope you are feeling a bit better, a great healer is OJ full of all the right vitamins.

Marguerite said...

oh your poor snowdrops. It just makes the anticipation that much sweeter though doesn't it? soon they'll pop through the snow and show off their lovely blooms.