Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day - Cynic or True Believer?

Some people, I won't mention who, are very cynical about Valentine's Day. Other people, like Michael, see Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate love.

Some people, see Valentine's Day as a huge money grab by retailers whose bottom line has sunk heavily down into the red zone since the long-past days of the heady Christmas bonanza. Other people, like Michael, see Valentine's Day as a time to focus on precious memories of special times spent with loved ones over the past year.

Some people, see Valentine's Day as a day that makes unattached men and women feel like losers. Other people, like Michael, feel that Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together whispering sweet, mushy things into each other's ear. 

Some people, believe that we should celebrate our love everyday, not just on Valentine's Day.  Other people, like Michael agree. Ummm....what?

Where do you stand??


  1. Some people, um me, lol...agree with Michael and just go with it...although they wouldn't spend any money on it because they're in the middle of a no spend challenge...candles with dinner counts as romance in our house :)

  2. One part cynic and one part lovesick. I used to HATE valentine's day. Now that I've been with hubby for 8 years I look forward to valentine's - but only because our anniversary follows the day after on the 15th. Then we celebrate.

  3. I guess I am a little of both. I do think Valentine's Day is commercialized but I also like the reminder to appreciate everyone you love more.

  4. Nice picture, Jane! lol

    I'm a cynic, too. Although I'm not above expecting chocolate (any excuse!).

    Martin is the romantic, although he sees V-day as a money grab, too. I do think he's forgotten it this year, and well, maybe I'll make him some heart-shaped cookies ... again!

    It is what you make it, and if the day ends up being about love and togetherness, there's nothing wrong with that!

  5. In an ideal world, we would cherish and celebrate every moment with our partners. We would never get angry and we would constantly dote, and whisper mushy things across the dinner table.
    HOWEVER, this is not an ideal world, and sometimes we loose sight and forget how incredibly lucky we are to have someone to spend our lives with.
    I feel like Valentines day is just a reminder of our love for one another.
    In years past we have spent tons and tons of money, buying presents and going on trips. But that isn't what it is about.
    This year we are having a home made dinner, with desserts, and homemade gifts under ten dollars.
    We are going to leave our stresses behind for a night, and just LOVE each other. I think its important to have a night together like this once in a while. Its impractical to think that it will happen everynight.
    Valentines day is about love, I wish more people understood this.

  6. way too cute! be so thankful for michael ;)

    We celebrate but not in a huge way - we do a special dinner here at the house & make dessert, but no gifts -

  7. well since I don't have anyone :-( or maybe that's :-) sometimes LOL! I hate valentine's day. I think all the holidays have been commercialized to death..IMO every day should be special and time spent with loved one(s) whenever possible..why set aside a specific day?!


  8. After spending the day in a flower shop helping out I'm more on the romantic side. So cute to have these young men come shyly in looking for a rose for their girlfriend. What can I say love is in the air and really any excuse to celebrate the fact that spring is near with flowers has my vote.
    On a more home front we have never really celebrated valentines day ourselves. Not out of any cynicism but just because we are rather busy and find other times and ways to share our love with each other.

  9. I'm divided, the old me is a little bit cynical, the young me smiles every year, remembering that one of my children was conceived on valentines day many years ago... to think it all started with a dozen red roses a valentine and a cut guy at my door....

  10. And some people forget all about it like Hubby.

    Poor little Cupid struck by his own arrow, oh well thems the breaks.

  11. Jane,
    I really like Valentines day so I guess I'm a romantic. You don't have to buy into the commercialization of it all homemade gifts are the best anyways. I usually make Hubby some of his favorite cookies or a special heart shaped cake. Mostly I make a homemade card also so I guess the stores loose out on my hard earned cash.
    The dish Michael made for your girls night in looks delicious, my mouth was just watering(ok drooling) That was sweet of him to make that for your party.

  12. Hi Jane!

    Valentine's Day is my husband's birthday so it is always a special day for us both. We are celebrating both his birthday and Valentine's day this weekend. Mostly we are just hanging out and relaxing.....between the house hunting, daily chores, and everything thing else..HaHa! We try to have fun everyday.

  13. I hope I don't curse myself, but I feel that most days are a celebration of love in my home. This summer will mark 14 years together and I think that we both try to add a little Valentine's Day into every day. Whether I am making his lunch or he is washing my car, love abounds in the little things. This morning I made him whole grain banana waffles and he is cleaning my car and even washing the dog. :)

    Love is an amazing thing that should warm our heart every day, not just on Valentines.

  14. I think like every other holiday we have, it's "overdone" and people hang too many hopes & dreams on one single day of the year.

    That being said, I do buy hubby & kids each a little *sweet treat*, make a special dinner, and will be backing pink cupcakes with red sprinkles, and pink icing for them. :) Just to make them feel *extra* special!

  15. I LOVE Valentine's Day...the hearts, the chocolate, the flowers...a day to remember all of your loved ones. Now, having said that, I'm way past "needing" a gift. But I did write a love note to all of my children and my husband and baked delicious heart shaped sugar cookies. I'm preparing small goodie bags of chocolates, cookies and stickers for each of them. As far as hubby?? Well, I think a brand new bed is the best Valentine's Day gift we could receive! :)!


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