Friday, February 11, 2011

Girls' Night In

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!
This is my contribution to our girl's night potluck supper.
Actually, I didn't make it 'cause around here the
master chef's name is Michael!

Michael made 40 Clove Chicken in the crockpot
and we're talking garlic
here - yes 40 cloves of garlic - though he says
he used what we had and there weren't 40 cloves left
but I sampled a tiny bit and it is so deliciously
garlicky and tender and moist. Other
ingredients include - wine, lemon juice, parsley,
oregano, basil, red pepper and celery.

Scrumptious, that's what I say!

I know there's going to be corn bread and crab cakes and
who know's what else - hopefully something chocolatey!

We're staying in and will likely kill ourselves
laughing, play guitar hero (Oh yes, I am pretty good on the
drums and guitar!), play board games, dance,
eat, drink and be merry!

Hope your weekend is getting off to a good start!
I'll do my weekly financial summary in a day or two.
Remember how I accidentally put too much into savings
at the beginning of NO Spend February leaving me with only
$82 misc spending for the entire month??

Well...due to only spending $150 in groceries for the
first two weeks of February and underestimating a couple of bills
I now have $114 in misc spending!!
Magical! It's gone up!!
Let's have NO SPEND MONTH every month!
And that's after I spent $13.45 on a small bottle
of rum - my only misc spend so far this month other than
service charges!
 Now I'm hopeful that I can make an extra small payment
on my line of credit to round it off to an even number.
A payment of $90 would bring it down from $48066
to $46600 for the month of February:)
Woo hoo!
That's nearly $10,000 paid off since August, 2010!
I'm going to put myself on the line here and predict that
by August of this year I will have paid off
I really think I can do it!


Sharon said...

Well, I know you can do it!

Have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like it's off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

That chicken looks AMAZING! Yum! And your night in with the girls sounds like a blast!! Have fun! :)

Niki said...

That chicken sounds delicious and your girls night in sounds like fun.
You can do it, $10,000 in 6 months that is amazing. Way to go!

Maureen said...

I,m absolutely positive you can do it, and I,ll be watching and cheering from the sidelines.
I envy you the time spent with girlfriends, they are something missing in my life as they all live in another state. So that,s the main reason for my trip away in March.It will be catch up gossip time..

laura said...

I have an obsession with rounding up/down {?} I like my figures to have noughts on the end to

$10k since August is just brilliant Jane! You go girl!!

Marguerite said...

oh to have a cook in the house. that dish looks positively yummy. Hope you had a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

well ok the picture doesn't look so hot at first glance LOL but it sounds absolutely delish! (and I know from experience a lot of stuff tastes much better than it looks!) so you just dump all that stuff in the crockpot and cook all day? I have some garlic left from some other recipes I you eat it over rice?

hey does Michael have any good black bean recipes? we need a recipe thread! :-)