Monday, February 14, 2011

Have a Sweet Valentine's Day!

If you read my Valentine's diatribe you'll have noted that the cynics were very much outnumbered by the believers. I think that says something nice about the world. (or at least about my READERS!!)

Today I received some cozy red "reading socks" (I can just envision being curled up by my woodstove in PEI with my red socks on:) AND a beautifully written original poem by Michael along with a special picture of the two of us.

Romantic stuff huh?  Sheesh he can be a mushy guy!

In return I had the photo of our foot impressions on the Northport Beach in PEI enlarged and framed in a beautiful frame made of juniper wood. That is especially poignant because the lovingly restored floors in our old farmhouse are juniper. For his sweet tooth a box of his favourite Dad's oatmeal cookies.

And a really mushy card.

For my darling daughter - an album of photos of the two of us from her 20th birthday party:

For her sweet tooth - a bag of caramel-filled chocolate hearts.  And because I am forever practical and she's been complaining of not having enough hangers I gave her a $5 pack of 30 plastic hangers.

So today was a bit of a spending day though spending on my loved ones was such a treat. The photos came to about $10, the frame and photo albums, cookies, candy, hangers and cards about another $45. I don't mind - I still have enough misc $$ to see me through until the end of the month plus money for gas and groceries.

I feel very blessed and forever grateful to have love in my life - the love of my amazing daughter and the love of a very good man. 

Here's my two week summary for No Spend February:

Right on Track!


  1. You look to have done so much better in February than in January, so well done, just look at that debt repayment wow.

    I was on a bit of a downer so I came across as cynical about Valentines Day, Hubby is so unwell just now that it was unfair of me to expect him to suddenly rally round and give me a fabulous day.

    I,ve got my positive smiley face on today :)

  2. and don't forget to bring your hot water bottle to PEI, Jane!! I love your blog.

  3. Jane,
    What beautiful and loving gifts you gave each other and also for you daughter.
    Your budget does look on track. I'm over on the food portion and will be again this month as I'm hosting games night.
    Maybe March will be a better month.

  4. I love those footprints! The picture of you and your daughter...priceless! It sounds like you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! You deserve it!!

  5. You came up with some very beautiful and thoughtful gifts... My mind can't think up those kinds of ideas. I imagine it because I can always fall back on a " gift card" which while practical, is not very personal.


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