Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Twelve Days of February

This is the first day of the final 12 days of February. Are you going to make it to the end of the month before the end of your money?? That seems to be the big question right now. Sharon, the creator of the No Spend February challenge is down to $271.00 for the rest of February (but she heard about a way to find some unclaimed money - to find out how she did this click HERE!)

Yesterday I unexpectedly had to spend $30 at the drugstore. Rats! Fortunately I am doing well in the categories of food and gas due to a little help from other family members. (Sidenote: I just found out I LOVE LENTILS!!! They are delicious AND inexpensive!!)  As it stands right now I have $102.00 left for groceries, $75.00 left for gas and $68.00 left in misc spending for a grand total of...wait for it...$245.00. Normally I would say that's enough but this Friday Michael and I are celebrating an anniversary as well as Valentine's as we didn't get to spend Valentine's Day together.

To save $$ Michael is cooking dinner at home, then we plan to go to a couple of movies and maybe out for a drink after the movies. We'll save more $$ by going to see the movies at the Rainbow.  Do you suppose the jazz club will let us BYOB??

Well, we're over the hump - tomorrow's Friday and this has been a pretty good week overall. Our broken angel is doing quiet well with our new strategies provided by a behavioral consultant from CPRI. The staff is working together well and the week has been much less stressful. Tomorrow our Best Buddies are coming to visit and we're having a pizza lunch:)

THEN - a THREE DAY WEEKEND!! This coming Monday is "Family Day" in Canada, a fairly new holiday (I think this is the 3rd year since it was implemented). I am really looking forward to spending a day with my wee family and to working a 4 day week next week.

Do you (my fellow Canuks) have Family Day plans??


  1. you look like you will be fine :) just keep positive!

    we have monday off but it is 'presidents day' :) not everyone though -

  2. yah for Family Day! We have that in PEI as well and I'm SOO looking forward to it. This past week has been less than appealing with snow storms and deadlines and a break is sorely needed. I'm hoping for a nice snow shoe in the woods for my day off(free and burns calories!)

  3. Hubby and I both scheduled a week off next week. We won't be leaving town unti Wednesday, so I'm hoping that we will spend family day together with the kids doing something fun. I hope tubing won't be out with the warm temps expected over the next few days.

  4. I know you can do it. You got this.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Do you have a flask? I am only partly kidding.

  5. I'm so jealous!! New Brunswick doesn't have family day yet... It's a long stretch from New Year's until Easter when there are no holidays in Feb and March.

    Enjoy your day off!


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