Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap - Last Week of NO Spend February!!

Here we are heading into the last week of NO Spend February - that's one way to make quite possibly THE WORST month of the year speed by! I hope this last week also zips by superfast as the
money is running OUT!!
I have a grand total of $135.00 left to cover groceries, gas and misc. and I really hope I can make it to Feb. 28 without spending more than that (or...magically...any of that..) 
Only six more days, groceries have been purchased and I have
nothing left but a few fixed expenses.
I'd like to sound more confident but I'm afraid of invoking the power
of Murphy's Law!! I've seen the power of the dreaded Murphy
affect some of my fellow No Spenders so am trying to lay really really low...shhhh..

My thanks go out to Sharon who led us on this fearless quest. And
thanks also to my fellow bloggers/readers who were either involved
in the No Spend month or who cheered us on from the sidelines.
February is my lowest income month of the year
so it was the perfect time for this goal
and already I've been able to pay a bit extra on my line of credit....so YIPPEE! AND I was able to leave the extra $150 in my savings
that I mistakenly deposited at the beginning of the month.
Those are huge accomplishments for this, my "poorest" month:)
I would have been satisfied to "break even" so I am THRILLED with
the results!! Consider also that I spent $$ on Valentine's Day for both Kazi and Michael, never used the restaurant gift card or probably the BIGGEST accomplishment of all - I didn't spend ONE PENNY at Starbucks - woot woot!!

(Hmmmmmm I am seeing some possible future savings for EVERY month...)

Since I created these charts on http://www.spendingdiary.com/ a couple of days ago another $52.00 was spent on food but I'm too lazy to make the change
right now
so you'll just have to trust me on that one..heh heh heh:)
I also opened up another two, yes two, new savings accounts
with ING and put a whopping $10 in each of them.
I've decided to bite the bullet NOW and start saving for
my trailer rental fee (for 2012) and for the home insurance and
property tax for my property in PEI. This year's trailer
rental fee will come from my expected tax refund.

I think that I now have ALL of my weekly/monthly/annual expenses
covered, at least I sure hope so....is there a limit to how many
savings accounts one can have with ING???

On another entirely unrelated topic I'd like to thank some newer readers for stopping by and taking the time to read what I have to say.
It really means a lot to me when someone not only reads my posts but leaves a comment. Some folks, however, don't have a google
profile/blog so I can't thank them more personally so I
hope you are reading THIS post so you know that I'm grateful for
your readership.
So, thank you to Mena, anonymous, psych sarah, mary, christy, julie and bev and anyone else who has taken the time to pause for a moment and read.
Thank you - you brighten my day!


  1. You did SOOO awesome this month!! Good stuff!! :) I totally blew it this week.. *blush* Better fess up soon I suppose! haha!

    Are you feeling any better?

  2. Thank you for the thank you!

    I was in your lovely city a couple of weeks ago as my grandmother passed away. She had just moved into a BEAUTIFUL seniors apartment. Seriously - if you have money to spend in your final years, this is the place to be. Unfortunately she was only able to live there for two months.

    I was wondering the same thing about ING. I (or DH and I) currently have a general savings (for annual expenses), a Christmas account, a cat one, a new mattress account and one saving for our 10th anniversary. I am thinking I should also open one for car maintenance/tires. Do I have too many???

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  4. Jane,
    You made my day. I'm so glad you had such a successful "financial" February! You did fabulous all on your own...I can't take the credit for that one! If it wasn't for all of you, I would have 'bagged' this project weeks ago...you were all the support and encouragement I needed, and still need.

    I hope you are on the mends, and have been adequately resting! {hugs}

  5. Oh yes... in response to your post... I have to start my Christmas shopping early... I have a large family to shop for beginning with 7 grandchildren...

  6. Ah Jane you brighten my day too.
    I love reading how you are doing, it's as if we were chatting on the phone and getting to know each other. I really admire you for doing what your doing. And for having the positive upbeat attitude you have towards even your toughest days. It's an inspiration to me. Through you I'm learning about myself, growing and finding who I really am.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jane you have absolutely hammered this months challenge, Murphy has been busy in N.Z. lately so looks like you have a clear run to the finish line.

    Look at all that money going into debt absolutely awesome.

  8. You knocked it out of the park!
    Good luck with the rest of the week.

  9. Jane, you can do it!!!! I have faith in you love!!! :)

    And what an awesome $150 to get into savings!!! Love it!!

  10. Well done, well done, well done! You've had a great month.

    In the UK ING let's you have up to 10 savings accounts, not sure about Canada though.

    PS. You brighten my day :)

  11. Jane, am I the only one to wonder, not only is she able to save all that money but where does she find the time to make all those fancy tables?! Congratulations on getting through no spend February.


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