Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Cure a Sore Throat

Sheesh, some people will do anything to save a buck! Going for my 4th No Spend day in a row and I was looking for a fresh approach so thought if I got sick and stayed inside for a couple of days I wouldn't be tempted to SPEND!

Top that one!

I have a lot of lemons, honey and a bottle of nice dark Appleton rum so hot toddy and a warm bed - here I come!

Please note below where it says to "avoid strenuous physical activity" - I'm going to pass on biking tonight;p  Also note that I can eat icecream:) Now if only I had some in the house! Rats.

"People with sore throats will first look to heal the pain, but it is very important to cure the cause of the sore throat altogether. In order to do this, one must drink lots of fluids, rest well, avoid smoke, pollutants in the air and allergens as much as possible, eat foods that are soothing to the throat such as ice cream and hot soup, consume plenty of Vitamin C and Selenium, and avoid strenuous physical activity."

Know any other home remedies that make use of things I may already have in the house??  Got any extra icecream??


Sharon said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! I didn't think about giving my son any rum...hmmmmm. nah.

My son's sore throat kept me from spending money today too! Maybe I'll just have the rum!

Marguerite said...

At first glance I was thinking, you drink copious amounts of wine to cure a sore throat? I'd pass out soon enough if I did that so I guess I wouldn't notice my throat hurting. For me, jello and lemon zinger tea with honey does the trick - although not together. then you just get runny jello.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jane, hope you feel better soon :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got it covered! We stock up on exactly the same things when one of us is sick.
Martin loves his NeoCitran mixed with honey, lemon, and a shot of whiskey. Makes him feel MUCH better!

Marge Mercurio said...

Hi Jane!
Doing the same thing in my house. My hot toddy is made with ginger brandy,lemons, honey and hot water. Some aspirin and homemade chicken soup. I feel so much better with just a tad bit of congestion hanging around. Stay well!

Dr. Marge

Jane said...

Ha ha Marguerite - but seriously, if you think a couple of bottles of wine might do the trick...well I'm willing to give it a go:)

Hair Loss Remedy said...

Drink a glass of hot water with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and some honey. You'll feel better instantly. You can also drink a chamomile tea with lemon and honey added.