Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Greatest Discoveries Were Made by Mistake

Some incredibly wise person once rationalized their mistakes by saying the following:

"The greatest discoveries were made by mistake."

That incredibly wise person wasn't me but I'm happy to agree with good ol' whatzername.

I made a little oopsie, well more of an omission, it was really nothing at all, at least...I did nothing...and that was the problem.

What I meant to do was reduce my long term savings to $500 for the month of February from the usual $650 due to lowered income this month...due to my exceedingly generous donation (payroll deduction:p) to the Ontario College of Teachers. H  o  w  e  v  e  r...I forgot to make the change to the automatic transfer from my chequing to my TFSA and $650 was transferred.

Oh poo.

So my reckless and carefree plan (oh, yes, I have a plan) is to leave the $$ in savings, take it from my misc amount which leaves me with a whopping $82 in misc. spending for the remaining 25 days of February. Seems a wee bit tight but who mistake may turn into a great discovery like...I can live on less! Or perhaps I was meant to sell pencils on the corner...who knows???

Over the past 3 days of our No Spend February Challenge I have spent $0.00 in total above and beyond fixed expenses.  If I limit my spending to weekends only (not hard) plus Valentine's Day (that's a total of 9 days) I can spend $9.11 per day - hey, that's not so bad. OR, if I just spent $$ on Saturdays and Valentine's Day (5 days) I could spend $18.22 per day - wow, that seems like a lot!

Ok, I think I've figured out the "GREAT DISCOVERY" - my ability to do mental arithmetic in rapidly improving!!!


  1. well you did say it was no spend February. Maybe your subconcious was thinking that you wouldn't be spending money anyway so it was okay to transfer it.

  2. you are way too cute! not a bad problem to have :) give it a shot, I bet you will succeed!!!!

  3. I like Marguerite's idea..the spend means, well, no spending, right? I know you can do it, especially on $18 a day! :)!

  4. So far so good; had a no spend weekend and 2 no spend days this week so far. I would be so impressed with myself if I can leave my "mistake" in the savings account turning it into an "extra" payment instead!


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