Friday, February 18, 2011


(Sung to the tune of "Hey Hey We're the Monkees!")

Here we come
Poppin' through the earth
Get the friendliest looks from
Everyworm we meet...

Hey hey we're the SNOWDROPS
People say what took you so long?
But we're too busy growing
And writing our new theme song!

When I got home from school today and noticed a lot of snow near
the dryer vent had melted away I thought I'd better have a looksee
in case my wee snowdrops had begun to push their way up.
They are the bravest little souls of pre-spring days, I love them so.
Especially these ones.

When I moved into my condo 16 1/2 years ago my parents still
lived in our family home in Norwich. I began the process of
transplanting some of my favourite flowers from my first village home
to the first home in the city that I bought for Kazi and me.

To me it never ceases to be a miracle when I start to see those
hardy green shoots popping up through ice and snow.
Just the merest hint of warmth and sunshine has these tough
little survivors pushing past any obstacles in their path -
gee, I feel like I'm describing myself!!

AND you know when you start seeing kids wearing shorts in the barely
above zero temperatures SPRING can't be far off!!


  1. I can't believe it is February and you are seeing things sprout. Wow!

  2. Barely above zero and wearing shorts?? Holy Frosted Knee Caps Batman!!
    I love the pictures of the snowdrops, beautiful! I know you are looking forward to enjoying the warmer weather.

    (I loved the Monkees)

  3. I,m hoping you carry on the tradition and move those little snowdrops with you to PEI.
    Snowdrops always remind me of Scotland, where, like in Canada they are always the first hint of Spring.

  4. Can it really be possible? spring?! I thought Ontario would still be in the deep freeze but it looks like you've had a positive break in the weather. (no such luck here, it was nice Thursday and Friday, rain even and melting, but the snow started again a couple hours again and isn't to stop until sometime next week)

  5. I've never heard of snowdrops...what do they look like when they bloom? It's amazing to see the buds right next to the snow. Take pictures when they bloom! ;)!

  6. We have snowdrops here last Spring in coming!


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