Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Income Tax Saga Part One

Part One: Information Gathering

1. Wait for schoolboard to issue T4 slip. Wave around in the air while performing classic Pete Townsend air guitar riffs..."we won't get fooled again!"

2.  Ice shoulder.

3.  Remind daughter for the umpteenth time that if she wants to get her grimy little paws on her refund cheque she better cough up T4s from the various jobs she had last year.

4.  Tap toe impatiently.

5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4.

6.  Look around on the desk for the file folder you put all receipts into over the past year. 

7.  It's red.

8.  Look under the desk for the file folder you put all receipts into over the past year.

9.  Go to the basement and carefully toss through the huge leaning tower of unfiled bills/receipts/bank statements/various & sundry pieces of paper to find last year's assessment notice.

10. Go upstairs, look behind the decorative screen on the bookshelves for scrap of paper with Turbotax username and password scribbled on it.

11. Ask daughter if she threw out anything from behind the decorative screen.

12. Wring hands, add moaning as required.

13. Go to Turbotax website and click "forgot password".

14.  Try to remember answers to security questions.

15.  Try to remember security questions.

16.  Look for the "safe spot" where you put the RED folder while you were looking for assessment notice in the basement.

17. Open magnum of red wine.

18. Look up the phone number of 24/7Wine for You!

19. Take 3 Advil and breathe sigh of relief when daughter brings you her T4s - tuck them into the red folder until Turbotax returns your phonecall.

20.  Login to Turbotax with new password.

Part Two:  Turbo on Through with Turbotax Software... 


  1. Ha! I love it, maybe this is why I have been procrastinating in getting our stuff together. Too many steps.

  2. You've received your T4 already? is that this month? can February be over already? I'd better warn hubby it's tax time again. Just organizing the receipts is enough to make me feel ill.

  3. LOL I'm self emoyed so add step of adding gas receipts for the past year as well as car repair and office supplies. I had mine and hubs in Turbo last weekend and BIG sigh of releif as his refund completely covers my owing with 200 extra!!! Last year I had to pay 300 over his refund so we are doing better this year. So I now have 500 extra to put into vacation fund :) Thinking of PEI :)

  4. Hilarious!!! I can so relate when it comes to passwords you only use once a year!! Just finished my taxes last weekend. Thank God.

  5. Thanks for the laugh! I needed it. I can laugh at this, because this is my life at tax time - multiplied by 5 children. I have tried to encourage at least the college grad to handle her own, but that didn't go over so well. Fear of Uncle Sam and the knowledge that I do this every day, keeps them coming back to me.

    PS - they are my WORST clients and not just because they don't pay (refer to your post) hahahaha.

  6. I have very little I can claim for so my tax is pretty straight forward and usually doesent take too long.
    I am pretty organised with my paperwork and so finding all the necessary info, is a five minute job.
    I,m cracking up at you running around mad getting organised, even worse when you have to get DD ready as well.
    Thank goodness it,s all about ME........

  7. to cute! Don't you just love it?!?!?! haha - but if you get a return, it is all worth it ;)

  8. Jane, I'm like you. I think red wine is the solution for almost anything.

    Glad you found daughter's T4s, and the number for wine delivery and the phone number for TurboTax. Now, when you find the RED folder, you'll be good to go.



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