Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Schools will remain closed tomorrow!

We made it through snowmageddon in early December which

resulted in three snow days, so I guess

we shouldn't have any problem dealing with

a "baby" snowmageddon...right?



  1. I have been busy catching up with your posts today as I have been MIA thanks to having some work done on this laptop.
    Day two of No Spend February and I,m still on track.

    Only 1500km to go that,s awesome, do you expect to reach there by Sunday ( joking !!!!)

  2. Our board never closes the schools. Our buses have been cancelled - that's it. Luckily I had booked today off weeks ago for other reasons.
    Enjoy your extra day off and stay safe.

  3. hey! thats me too right there in ohio! :) this is day two for off of school.... wish it was all snow here so that we could go play! it is all ice - tons of it! I just pray that everyone stays safe today & doesn't go anywhere if they dont' need to!

  4. We were called last night, wasn't so much the snow as it was the half inch of ice on everything. Enjoy your day off.

  5. Enjoy your snow day!!! I might get to leave early today, again!!

  6. I'm loving this snow day. Especially after yesterdays adventure. Plus, the sun!!! We have sun, at least for now. It is BEAUTIFUL outside!

  7. I wish wish wish we were getting a snow day but these storms seem to keep missing us. While we're expecting 20cm of snow tonight it should all be clear by tomorrow morning, in time to go back to work. it just doesn't seem fair.

  8. Well we got a good amount, but not nearly as much as I was expecting.. not as bad as December anyways! Enjoy your day off! :)

  9. Our schools were closed yesterday and today. Tomorrow they are on a two hour delay due to projected minus 30 wind chills. Yikes!!

    Even so, the pictures are beautiful

  10. Hi Martha and Welcome!! I see you are on a Path to Frugality!! I look forward to visiting your blog and have added you to my blogroll:)

  11. it's freezing down here - got to around 17 and hey for Houston that's freakin' COLD! we have 3 digit summers(with the heat index)and just aren't prepared for this kinda thing..I think the only state this year that hasn't gotten snow has been Florida - but geez snow once in a blue moon or hurricanes like clockwork? I'll take the snow I think!(but whine about it!) supposed to snow here tonight..supposed to work tomorro wnight but called in sick - taking an antibiotic and dr said 72 hours to make sure I don't pass it ot someone..would be great 'cept I feel yucky. :-( but thank goodness it's leaving my ears! that was SO painful..


  12. Jane,
    How did I miss this post? Probably busy taking care of a very sick boy...

    You have such good spirits for dealing with all that snow...twice...we had that last year and I was none too happy....but hey, I guess a day off from work is the benefit, right? And, of course, not being able to spend any money! :)!


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