Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Spending Continues...

Friday night has traditionally been our movie night. Last night was no exception. The difference was that instead of going to see the latest releases we went to a more "arty" venue. I had scoured the ads and there was NOTHING, I mean NOTHING that we wanted to see that we hadn't already seen. 
So we went to an often overlooked theatre in London and saw
Blue Valentine starring Ryan Gosling (yum) and Michelle Williams and
London River starring a couple of actors we were unfamiliar with. Both of these movies were showing at the Hyland Theatre.  I was so impressed with the quality and the "relationship" themes of both movies that I suggested we get Hyland Theatre membership cards, you know, to save money at which pointed Michael pulled two membership cards out of his pocket - he knows me so well:)
Then, because we hadn't spent enough money and because it was only about 9:30pm we headed to Maggies, a nice little jazz club on Richmond St. We had some Blueberry Tea (not much "tea" in it we were told:) and escargot (Michael not me) and some amazing bruschetta while listening to some great live music (though I did wonder it the singer knew any rock songs hee hee). Michael finished off with a glass of merlot while I had a FREE sample of a fairly new single malt called Singleton's - it was free because they only had enough for about a "half" serving and then the bottle was dry! So that was a nice little treat:)
I have to say it felt really weird to be spending any money - we shared the expenses though Michael bore the brunt of the costs.  Oops - forgot to mention that I stopped in at my local Giant Tiger's because I had seen in their flyer they had decorative rubber boots on for half-price ($20) and I also bought a pair of red canvas running shoes for $3.00!! Both of these items will be going out to PEI so I can stomp around my land in the red dirt rain or shine.
After those expenditures I still had about $60 left in misc spending money so today I went to the ATM and withdrew cash - this is the first cash I've had in my wallet since January!!!  AND it didn't stay there long:) I splurged on my one and only newspaper for February and bought everyone a coffee. The remainder of the $$ went into the Crofter's Lane Jar which has been totally neglected this month... until today.
So one of the benefits of a No Spend February has been a wee splurge with some of my remaining misc money. Tomorrow I will change my sidebar graphs and summarize what I learned during the No Spend month. I am having a totally lazy Saturday and once my loved ones head off to work I am going to get back on my bike to resume my journey to PEI. I still have a bit of congestion but am finally, really, truly, on the mend.

Talk to you tomorrow - hope your weekend is going well. (Still snowing here:(


Maureen said...

So glad to hear you are finally well, it,s been a long time coming.

That sounds like a fabulous night out, and worth every cent by the sounds of it.

Almost time to fess up about how the month has gone for us all, I am getting uber excited about putting my snowflakes into Debt 1 )

I have seen a couple of expensive things i am going to be buying in March, will post about it later.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ...

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Your evening sounded wonderful! And I agree with Maureen, worth every cent!

I think you did a great job on your no spend challenge for February, I bet your update will reflect great gains made in your debt reduction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!!
Sounds like a great Friday nite. We went to a concert at the Mack in Charlottetown Black history and Music on PEI. A lovely evening of Music and story. You will definately need rubber boots and so glad you bought red sneakers although they would be red down your first walk down Crofter's Lane.
I love your blog and enjoy your adventures and stories. I hope our paths meet when you move to PEI. I am a teacher with the Western School Board and I feel I know you already. Take care and have a great Sunday. Kendra

Sharon said...

Yeah! You are feeling better!!! Your night last night sounded wonderful! So very worth it!!! It's because you did so well all month that you were able to splurge! Great job, Jane! Hopefully March will find me out and about too!

Jane said...

Welcome Kendra!!! It was such a joy getting your comment! So you teach on MY side of the island - do you live on the west side also? It would be wonderful to meet you when we are out there this summer!Thank you for your wonderful comment - it is so gratifying to know that someone from my future province is reading my blog! Thankyou!!

The Witch said...

Wow what a month you have had. All bills paid and more paid off your line of credit. Way to go!
Your date night sounded wonderful.
It can be culture shock here some weekends but right now the Scotties have been the big entertainment.
Don't know if you have ever tried curling but this is the place to explore a great Winter sport.
I'm betting the budget for March may be even better.

Lindy Mint said...

I think I am living vicariously through your splurging, just reading about your night makes me feel satisfied. It sounds like it was a lovely evening.

I didn't participate in the no spend challenge, but I think every other blogger I know did. That might be why I was wanting to spend so much extra money this month :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I live near Kensington and teach in Summerside. You live in a lovely part of the island. I often head up to Mimingash to look for sea glass and there is an awesome little bakery in Tignish that makes the best cinnamon rolls. Are you planing on coming for the whole summer or will you be back and forth between Ontario and PEI? We are on the countdown to camping, hiking, canoeing, gardening and just chilling...... As I sit here sipping my chai tea and await another 10 to 15 cm. of snow summer holidays seem far away. Keep pedalling !! Take care kendra