Sunday, February 27, 2011


So, there it all is, in black and white.
If you need a larger view just click on the graph - it is in two
parts as I couldn't get it all onto one screen grab.

The Highlights:
  • almost $2000 went to debt repayment which is over 40% of my income; I am really whittling away my line of credit; this is my #1 goal to get my LOC paid off before I retire and I am proud to say I may get it paid off EARLY if I can continue at my present pace:)
  • although my income was down by $300 from the previous month I managed to save as much as I usually do - over $1200!!
  • with help from other family members we kept the grocery and gas bills to a minimum and I found that I don't have to shop for groceries every week; instead I can go just when we need something - it really makes a difference to the bottom line!
  • 17 NO SPEND DAYS - I think this is a record for me (sickness had a LOT to do with it though)
  • I cut way back on entertainment basically because I was sick for a good chunk of the month, but hey - I'll take my savings anyway that I can!
  • we came in under budget for heating and hydro - it really does pay to be conscious of utility use (not to mention that having frequent hot flashes means setting the furnace at a lower temp! hee hee)
  • My total misc spending was $133; it could have been lower - I didn't HAVE to buy rubber boots and I didn't HAVE to buy a book; however I could afford to and I don't believe in total deprivation!
  • My debt reduction and savings combined are 68% of my total income - I think that is quite an accomplishment. It means that the three of us are living on 32% of my income. That also means that I am a member of the Saving a Quarter club as $1213 in savings equals just over 26% of my income.
I am really excited about March. My income goes back up a little after having paid the Ontario College of Teachers their "membership fee" AND it's TAX REFUND month:) Most of my refund will go to paying my trailer property fee (well worth the cost) but I will have some extra to play around with - and playing around with $$ is one of my favourite pastimes! Yes...I am a geek!!

Congratulations go out to well, me, and all the other participants of the No Spend February month  (thankyou Sharon our fearless leader!) for hanging in there through thick and thin, for being so supportive of each other and encouraging some of us who faced some unexpected expenses and personal obstacles. We stuck together ladies and the bond we have formed will continue to help us through the months ahead as we do our utmost to beat down the debt monsters while also trying to save for the future.

It's a tough journey to go it alone so having my blogging friends to share it with has made it a daily practise that is something to look forward to rather than something to dread. I get so pumped reading your stories, your challenges and your triumphs and am so glad I stumbled across such an amazing group of women. It is truly inspirational!


Sharon said...

Right back at ya Jane!!! Congrats on a fabulous, successful month!!!! You are an allstar!!! Here's to an even better March!!!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Congratulations Jane!! You Rocked the challenge!! I am so proud of your efforts to reducing your debt. Sharon definitely did a great job leading the way.

Niki said...

Congratulations, those are amazing numbers.
You are so sweet, I am glad to have found your blog too, you have such a positive attitude and it is infectious. Thank you!

Maureen said...

Right back at ya kid xxx

What awesome results, I remember when you mentioned at first that your income was lower in February and that this might be a challenge for you. Well you blew this right out the water, well done.

I cant wait to see what else you will be accomplishing this year, what a terrific start to 2011.

Johanna said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! You did so well Jane!

68% is an amazing figure to save/pay down...well done!

Here's to a brilliant March :)

Jane said...

The other thing I learned but forgot to mention is that I can acutally exist without any cash in my wallet. I never had any money in my wallet til the final weekend when I withdrew the $60 I had left and most of that went into the Crofters Lane Jar.