Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vote for ME!

I entered a contest called Heart of the Island and wrote a short story about something that happened to me last August when househunting.
Please go to  the above website and read my little blurb (scroll way down til you see my name - Jane Harrison) and vote for me!  I could win an Apple iPad!!
PS contest closes at noon tomorrow!


  1. Good morning to you!! 1 more vote for Jane!! Have a great day..... Hope you win.
    Looks like Prince County is geting hit with another 10 to 15 cm. of snow. You house must be covered. Has anyone gone up and checked it, Jane. There is a lot of snow in West Prince!!! Happy Monday, Kendra!!

  2. Thanks Sharon & Johanna!

    Hi Kendra: yes I've seen some of the photos recently of all the snow in PEI and YIKES is all I can say!! The previous owners of the home only live a short distance away and have been keeping an eye on it for me plus we email back and forth. They are a great example of PEIers going the extra mile to help people out.

  3. am I the only one who couldn't figure out how to vote? I found the list of stories but couldn't see anything that would let me vote...

  4. Hi there Jane!!! I was going to ask you if you wanted me to go up this weekend and check on the house. Let me know if you ever need anything.... Early dismissal this afternoon so no staff meeting and home an hour and half earlier. Yeah!!! The snow has started!!!! Take care Kendra

  5. I,m off now to vote, good luck.


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