Friday, February 18, 2011

There are a LOT of Valentine's Day Cynics Out There!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoo boy I think I struck a nerve out there with a certain segment
of the population with my Valentine's Day - Cynic or True Believer post
last Saturday. There must have been a ton of people on Saturday night
with nothing better to do than google "Valentine's Day" and "cynic" which
in itself is kind of sad, or maybe not sad but ironic depending on
your point of view.

The post received 15 comments which is neither here nor there.
However, it has been viewed 2,175 times!! OMG!!
My next highest post has been viewed 401 times and
was written last November.

Just in the past hour since I started writing this post 8
more people have viewed my "cynical post".  What does this say
about the state of love in the world?
Are many of us turning into cynics? Is it because half of 
today's marriages end in divorce thus causing people to have
lots of free time on their hands to trawl the internet
in search of validation for their cynicism??

I really truly hope not.

Because really, love is all there is.


Anonymous said...

I was rather more impressed by the number of views you've been getting!

Is that a blogspot counter, or do you have something else that you use?

At least you didn't get 2175 comments!

Louise said...

it's amazing what get's ranked isn't it. My most popular post of all time is about stale bread recipes!! It gets viewed every day.

Jane said...

Kim: yes, it's a widgit I can add through Blogger. And it's page views, not visits so if someone visits and views 3 pages it counts all 3.
Louise: I guess along with cynicism there is a lot of stale bread in the world. I am glad people are using it up!!

Maureen said...

OMG I hope all those viewers dident read my comment regarding Hubby giving the whole day, a body swerve.
Now the whole world will know how unromantic he is.

Marge Mercurio said...

Ahh Jane,
You have so many lists and goals going at the same time! I usually begin something and then drop it along the way for something ELSE more important!

Bravo to you on your finances, bike riding and all the other goals you set for yourself.

I love the photo of sprouts -- I know it's a tease but I am hopeful for the spring buds to appear!

Sharon said...

That is funny. I would have been so excited to see that many views!!