Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7am and All is Well

Just a quickie before my staff and students arrive. This is my favourite part of the school day - when I am all by myself lol!! No, really, this is like the calm before the storm, when I can muster my thoughts, organize materials, plan strategies, breathe deeply and head into the fray.

We had a behavioral consultant with us all day yesterday to help program for our broken angel. It was a huge help and now I need ALL staff to implement the changes - that is the hard part - making sure everyone uses the same approach, the same words, the same everything. Last night I was very busy making changes to schedules and typing up my notes from the day then went to bed early as I was exhausted. Whoever mentioned the 100 day cough that's going around? I think I have it.

The money end of things looks pretty good. No time to spend yesterday! I did remember that I haven't planned for a couple of new PEI house-related expenses coming up this year like property taxes in May (between $300 and $400 - remarkable eh?) and house insurance in August. So will need to work those 2 items into my budget or use my tax refund for those. The property rental for my trailer went up too - I always use my refund to pay for that - I hope I get enough $$ back to pay all 3 bills.  While that would be wonderful it probably means there won't be anything leftover to make an extra line of credit payment and I was kinda counting on doing that.

Oh well, I can only do so much. Talk to you later:)
Have a wonderful day!

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Maureen said...

I havent even given a thought to what I,m doing with my tax return this year. I,m expecting to get around the $1,000 mark, so I think I will wait until nearer the time ( July ) to make up my mind.

Is,nt it awesome to have the choice, yippee to budgeting.