Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crofters Lane Avec la Neige!!

The previous owner and renovator of my PEI home, Leigh, just posted
some winter pictures (early winter - just a wee dusting of snow - this is
actually the first snowfall on Nov. 28th!, hmmmmmmm, I
guess this would still be FALL, not winter - yikes!)
on Facebook today so thought I would share one.
That reddish area to the right of the house is a
thicket of bamboo - I didn't know it turned
red in the winter - so pretty!

Doesn't it just look like a postcard!
I love the sky in PEI - that would be a good travel brochure slogan!
"I love the sky in PEI!"
I've never seen the stars like I can at night from beside
the firepit at Crofters Lane.
Crofters Lane

OK, now bring on all the comments about how much snow there is NOW!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,
I can only imagine how much snow is up your way. We have 8 foot drifts in Clinton. Up west they have more snow. They had to bring in more snow plows to help remove the snow in the western part of the island today. The snow is piling up and a lot of the side roads in your neck of the woods are only 1 lane. School was cancelled in the western part of the island today due to impassible roads. Even the roof of Tignish Home Hardware collapsed on the weekend. YIKESS!!! The snow should be gone by the time you drive down this summer. HA, HA!!
Take care Kendra

Marguerite said...

oh Jane, you might be glad you missed this winter in PEI. Boomer did his stats tonight and we're sitting at double the normal amount of snowfall for February. (162cm as compared to 85) Hubby had to go dig out the mailbox AGAIN today, it keeps getting buried. Your house sure does look pretty though. Did you really say bamboo? That grows here?!

Sharon said...

This house is absolutely adorable! You are so lucky you know where you are going when you retire!

Johanna said...

Not going to say a word :) Spring will be here soon and it will all be a memory (the snow that is).
I love your little house in PEI. I hope we can find something as sweet when we are able to purchase.

Canadian Saver said...

You probably have a good 300+ centimeters!!! Converted to feet, for our US and UK friends, is over 9 feet!!

Psychsarah said...

Looks beautiful and peaceful. Are you peddling harder now so you can get there sooner? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this house, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Lovely house - I can't wait to see it! :)

The West side of PEI does get a lot more snow than the East side where we live.
I'm sooo glad Martin bought on THIS side-we've got enough darned snow as it is!

Jane said...

Have I mentioned I'll be buying snowshoes, cross country skis and a skidoo?? LOL!!
Yes, bamboo Marguerite! Leigh said he cut it all down in June but when we were there in July it was a huge thatch and 6 or 7' tall. I asked if it flowered and he said no. Do you know anything about bamboo?

Marguerite said...

I know a bit. I've never grown it myself but when I volunteered at the Botanical Gardens there was a grove of the stuff. You don't want it to flower, that means it's dying. Bamboo only flowers once every 50? years or so and that signals the end for the plant. Bamboo, like any grass, is either clumping or running. Much like it sounds, running means it'll grow via runners all over the place and clumping stays in one spot. Although the running might be curtailed a bit in this climate. I'd be interested to see a close up photo of it when you come this summer.