Saturday, January 4, 2014

No/low Spend

I had a nice day today, I am happy to report. I got up a little earlier and went to have coffee with my brother Gord and sister-in-law Pat. We chatted for almost 3 hours! Then I went to my Asian grocery store as I needed more cucumbers for juicing and some zucchini for making Ratatouille.

While I made soup I listened to the World Junior Hockey Game (Canada vs Finland) on my laptop. I don't have cable TV anymore, just Netflix, so I listened to a live audiocast of the game. Unfortunately my team took a lot of really stupid penalties - like a 10 minute misconduct for a stick to the head of a Finnish player. We deserved to lose that game. Tomorrow Canada will play for bronze at 9am and guess who will be listening while she does her school prep?

Tonight I am going to see The Life of Walter Mitty with a girlfriend. I watched the trailer and it looks pretty inspirational - just the kind of kick in the pants I need.

So while I didn't have a NO Spend day I consider it all money well spent. I made a huge pot of soup that I'll take to school for lunch saving me mega lunch money. And I'll make coffee or tea at school instead of spending $2.00 daily at Timmy's.

For the price of a coffee I got to see family members and listen to my brother ramble on about birdhouses and motorcycle trips. And for the price of a movie I get to spend time with a girlfriend who understands my life right now.

So all in all I spent ($2.00/coffee + $12.00/vegetables + $9.00/movie) for a total of $23.00. No, I won't be having popcorn. This is Day 4 of my Juice Fast and I'm doing great! I've had two mostly green juices today (kale, chinese broccoli, celery, cucumber, carrots and a fruit thrown in to sweeten it up - blueberries in one and an apple in the other. Delicious. Really. I mean it.

I'm beginning to notice more energy and more clarity in thinking. And my immune system really needs the boost. One more day and then I move on to Ratatouille and a root vegetable stir-fry. Can't wait! I use potato, sweet potatoes, turnips and onions and believe me when I say it is sooooooo tasty!!

No time for biking today but that's OK. I was really feeling it in my knees today so I'll postpone til tomorrow. And I did do 16km last night. So, I'm on track for spending, on track for biking, on track for juicing and on track for getting out there and socializing.

Yup, a good day. Hope yours was just as good...or better!!!

PS - I never thought I'd say this but I just told Kazi to have fun at Bingo!! Now who's the old lady?!


  1. I want to see that movie too! I'll wait until next weekend, because I want movie popcorn! :)! Everyone swears by 'juicing', but I'm not sold on it yet. I think I would be really hungry.
    It's really cold here, but I so want to get out and exercise. It worked for me this summer, but I seem to be a couch potato in the winter!
    I'm glad you had a good day today, Jane. May there be MANY more!!

  2. Mmm.. that soup looks fabulous!! :) Funny about "Bingo".. maybe she'll win a tonne and share! ;)

  3. Well done on the juice - still going, that is fabulous! It sounds like you have had a good day doing what you need to do - having a good old chat with people who love you! Sounds pretty special!

  4. Today is my last day of juicing - I will continue to juice once a day but start to add my soup and other veg during the coming week. I feel great!

  5. No winning at Binog lol! She said they were the youngest people there by about 40 years!!

  6. I resisted the popcorn though it was hard. Excellent movie!

  7. Sounds great. I could definitely get on board with this I think, just need to get a juicer!

  8. Loving your menu ideas with more veggies. I am on a veggie kick as well.

    I hope you love Walter Mitty. I saw it and I love it. Such a moving and gorgeous movie.


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