Sunday, January 19, 2014


Pardon me while I giggle........................................................................................ok, I think I've got a hold of myself now.....WELCOME TO POST #750!!!  I typed "750" into google images and this is one of many that popped up. So, imagine that's me about to roar off on my Ducati 750! And yes, that is how I would dress because there's no better feeling than peeling one's butt cheeks off of a leather seat! How do I know that you ask??  Never where was I?

Oh yes. This is a celebration of my 750th post on this particular blog. (This is my 3rd blog since 2007 the first being a joint effort with my brother and 2 friends called Four Mugs & a Crock!) I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I had reached post #750 but then I went to my post list and there were several drafts that I deleted and my post total went back to 744 or thereabouts. But now it's OFFICIAL!!

Oh how to mark this momentous occasion? Well so far I've marked it by drinking a kind of cold cup of coffee. Pardon me while I go nuke it.......there I'm back, not only with a hot cup of coffee but also with a bowl of pickled beets. Yes, I'm addicted to pickled beets. I admit it. You didn't know that about me? OK, well I could make a list of 750 things you don't know about me to celebrate 750 posts! Hmmmmmmmm where to start?

No, that's seems like too much work! How about 7.5 things you don't know about me, I think I can manage that!

  1. This is hard!! Ok ok.....before I became a teacher I worked in various capacities for the Royal Bank of Canada which I detested so that motivated me to go back to school and earn a degree. Or two.
  2. My daughter was conceived in Hawaii on New Year's Eve!
  3. I am a Daughter of the United Empire Loyalists because an ancestor of mine was a "minute man" during the American Revolution!
  4. My favorite genres of music are punk and country! Surprised?
  5. I adore, love and revere single malt scotch :)
  6. I am learning how to play the ukulele!
  7. My aura is "green" - go check out sluggy's recent post about auras!
  8. I know how it feels to peel my butt cheeks off a leather seat because.............
Sorry, I'm only sharing 7.5 things you don't know about me!!

Oh, and by the way I noticed that after Ontario Bloggers Day my followers list gained a few more readers!! Thank you one and all! 

Oh, and Kazi is now safely a million miles away in Australia!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahh! The time difference is 15 hours ahead of my time. She's asleep right now as she was severely jet lagged. Her suitcase got ripped up so she needs to replace it but other than that she arrived safe and sound. I have to say that thinking of her being SO FREAKING FAR AWAY is freaking me out a LOT but I'll have to live with it. 


  1. Great post, Jane. Congrats on #750! You are one funny lady and always manage to make me giggle. No matter how old our babies get, having them go off on their own, whether it be to travel or live elsewhere, is just too darn difficult. Miss my boys all the time, and they have been out of the house for quite awhile now. Hope Kazi has a blast in Australia. Love her name. How did you choose it? Did I miss a blog about that?

  2. livingrichonthecheapJanuary 19, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    I was thinking that was a picture of a younger you:) Glad Kazi made it. Just another reason never to purchase expensive luggage!

  3. Jane,
    For a moment there I thought you had purchased a bike to scoot around P.E.I. on.
    Glad you daughter made it save and sound. I.m sure she will have a wonderful time.

  4. Back it up chickie! I want to know how you know about butt cheeks sticking to leather...if you tell your story I will tell mine(which includes a 4 inch burn scar I still have on my right ankle). Congrats on making it to 750...Us strong women gotta stick together..or stick to leather...whichever

  5. Ahhh Jane.. I believe you on #8... I knew you had a wild side... ;) lol! Glad to hear that Kazi is safe & sound! Maybe a little visit from you is in the future? ;)

  6. Jane you are a tease!
    Tell us where those butt cheeks hit the leather!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe we are related Jane. We descend from Loyalists too. Smith Falls area of Ontario

  8. This is off topic Jane, but I was wondering if you have read the book "The Reason I Jump"? I just started it and immediately thought of you and your work with students with autism. If you have read it I was curious about your thoughts on it.

  9. congrats on the 750 posts. Glad Kazi got to Australia despite all the back roads you had to travel getting to the airport!!!! Don't need to know about your butt cheeks on a leather seat.......thank you!!!

  10. No I haven't yet and I need to. I often wonder what my students with autism are thinking, what is going on in their head, especially the ones who are non-verbal. Getting a glimpse into that mysterious place would be incredible. And helpful too I'm sure.

  11. Wouldn't that be something!? Smith Falls is a beautiful area. My ancestors from that time came to Brantford, St. Catherines, Ayr, Burford and Norwich.

  12. That would be nice but she's only gone for 3 weeks. She changed her plans and is going to be focusing hard on finding full-time work when she returns.

  13. You're too funny! Was that before or after you rolled the toboggan?

  14. I just might get one of those scooters for PEI - it has occurred to me!

  15. Looks like the airline might replace it for her - hope they do!

  16. I may have blogged about it at some point - can't remember. But it's short for Kazimiera which was her paternal grandmother's name. She was from Poland and during WWII was made to sing on German radio while she was in a labour camp. I felt someone that brave needs to be remembered.

  17. Okay ... I've read the book now ... you've GOT to read it you'd love it and it would be great for you to have read it before you finish teaching! It's a very quick read, you can probably get through it in an hour (two, tops!). Something to occupy your time while your daughter's away!


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