Monday, January 6, 2014


I was just talking to Kazi yesterday about what a gift a snow day is to a teacher. Our lesson plans are prepared and we are all set to go. Then when the schools are closed, LIKE THEY ARE TODAY, we can save those lesson plans for the next day....hence...NO PREP! But just so you don't think we teachers sit around eating chocolates and watching the soaps on a snow day I do have plans to finish my marking and do some research for my next unit - The Winter Olympics!

Here's the funny part, sort of. I managed to be sitting at my desk in my classroom by 6am this morning as usual. Yes, there was a foot of snow on my truck so I just went out earlier with a broom to clean it off. Yes, not all the roads were plowed so I stuck to the main roads. Yes, the parking lot at school was filled with mountains of snow but I managed to park my truck. Yes, the buses were then cancelled but I didn't think they'd close the schools. BUT, lo and behold, at 7am the school boards announced the schools were closed! So, silly me, I gathered my belongings and headed for home.

Now I have a chance to write a post, read the paper, leisurely work at my marking, shovel out my parking spot so it's not a mess for tomorrow and get some cycling in. I've changed into workout clothes so I can get 15km in on my bike. Life is good.

No/Low Spend - I am 4/6 (4 No spend days out of the 6 days of January) Well, it is only 8:17am but I'm not going to any stores today. We'll eat what we have on hand so I feel confident I can call today a No Spend Day.

Cycling - 15km yesterday after taking Saturday off. Will cycle another 15km today for a total of 60km so far in January. I'll try to aim for 300km this month.

5 Day Juice Fast - COMPLETED!! And I feel so much better. Good energy, alert. I am having a breakfast juice right now (beet, beet greens, carrots, celery, cucumber, ginger, grapes and a grapefruit. I also drink two mugs full of hot water laced with lemon and fresh ginger every morning instead of coffee. And I drink cold water throughout the day infused with lemon and cucumber. Yum.
How's the weather in your neck of the woods??


  1. It's freezing rain right now... Just got in from my 30 minute walk with the dog, now I need to get ready to go to my PT job... the home again, change and go the FT job... didn;t make it the the gym, but that the first thing I'll do tomorrow! Enjoy the snow day!

  2. Weather sucks...enough said!
    Jane x

  3. I'd be willing to wager that my weather is the same as yours... ;) Our birds are going nuts at the feeders... I just filled both yesterday thankfully, so won't have to fill them until tomorrow again! Not stepping foot outside today!! lol! Stay warm and i'm having a "no spend" too! :)

  4. livingrichonthecheapJanuary 6, 2014 at 11:05 AM

    Did that bird really eat out of your hand? When I was a kid they rarely shut the schools, now they seem to do it all the time. Enjoy your day! I am sure with prep and marking it really isn't that much of a break but at least you can do it at your leisure

  5. Oh yikes. That sucks that you were already there! In here, they usually cancel or delay schools by 8pm the day before, and revise it by 4am the current day, unless it's fog, which pushes it to 6am.
    Cute photo of the birdie! Enjoy your snow day. Send some my way, please.

  6. School was canceled here due to the extreme cold. It's between 45-50 below Fahrenheit here (42-45 C) with the wind chill. The governor of Minnesota even called off school for the entire state there (I'm in North Dakota though). I'm making homemade soup and staying inside with the kiddos.

  7. My son (the teacher) slept with a spoon under his pillow his pillow and put his pj pants on backwards because when they were little thats how they guaranteed a snow day.

  8. It's 1:30 am and currently 7ºC (as in above) and raining. Is that insane? Just a couple days ago it was -23ºC... daytime high! We're under a flash freeze warning though. Just in time for the morning commute. Not me. I be stayin' put cause home is where I work. Love that. Most of the time.


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