Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well that wasn't so bad for a Monday!

(*I just noticed this is post #750!! Does that mean I have a lot to say?? Blah blah blah.....)

My sentiments exactly (re photo above!)  I was having such a lovely weekend...."shed night" with my brother and friends, coffee at the Roaster...a leisurely read of the National Post, cleaning, tossing and rearranging. But as we know all good things come to an end.

Today wasn't too bad of a day considering 3 of 6 educational assistants were away. That meant much juggling of schedules, students having to work with adults they aren't familiar with which can go either way. And then I had two meetings in the afternoon so it was a looooooong day. On top of that my cat didn't respond to me today when I got her breakfast ready. Usually as soon as I turn on the light she starts meowing very loudly until I can manage to get the dish in front of her nose. But today she didn't wake up! I could see her chest moving so knew she was alive. I gently stroked her a few times and she still didn't wake up. I thought she was a goner and worried about her all day but when I got home she was once again meowing her head off! I guess she was just having a really deep sleep dreaming about catnip! Yeesh!

People seem to post pictures of their weekly menus and meals at this time of the week so thought I'd join in. I tried a new recipe for Aloo Gobi, and Indian dish and it turned out ok. Not great, just ok. I have a feeling part of that is because the veggies were steamed as opposed to the usual sauteing in oil. But I am enjoying it anyway and my tongue is still burning. I may have gone a bit heavy on the red pepper flakes.......or not, as I do enjoy the heat!

                     From the frying pan.....
                     ....onto the plate!

Like my friend udy with a J I got my crockpot out this weekend...just the one crockpot however as I only have one. With just me and my daughter to feed one is enough for us as I don't have a big freezer I can stockpile meals in. I hope to have one in PEI so when I get snowed in for weeks on end I'll still be eating like a queen! Oh, in my crockpot is a new recipe called something like Lemon Crockpot Chicken and has layers of skinless boneless chicken breast, potatoes, lemon slices, garlic, onion and green beans. Can't wait!  Here's the link for the recipe.  I'll post a picture when it's ready to eat!

Well, that's about it for tonight. It's time to get back into the saddle again for another 15 or 20km.
How was YOUR Monday?


Jane said...

I was ironing...'nuff said.
Jane x

barb said...

Your dinner looks so yummy I might have to try it!
My Monday was sunny +12C ( Vancouver Island )
Thats Great!

Lena said...

Your dinner looks delicious! My Monday was crazy busy but not to bad either... I got some money in the mail, and it always makes a better day:)

Janelle B said...

Looking forward to your review of the lemon crockpot chicken. Your dinner looks wonderful.

Cheapchick said...

I know, 3 crockpots, that Udy with a J. I used to have 2 plus a minicrock for chocolate in AB but when we moved I downsized and am back down to one lol.