Friday, January 3, 2014

New Readers - Thank you!

One thing that always perks a blogger up is seeing a comment from a new reader. I would like to personally thank the following wonderful people:

  • Jennifer
  • Rose
  • Janelle B
  • Sandy
  • Kerry
  • Mary (long time reader:)
  • Susannah (welcome back)
  • Frugal Mommy
  • Marjorie
  • Cdn Saver - so good to hear from you
  • Barb (long time reader)
  • Judi
  • ND Chic
  • Niki (back from a year hiatus) 
  • Holly Nelson
I know some of you are always around and some of you are recent readers. I appreciate your comments more than you can know. Some of you are also bloggers - some that I already visit and others who are new to me and will be added to my blogroll. 

Its a beautiful sunny day today - I should make myself go outside. Acccccckkk! It's minus 21!! Staying in doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all! I'm such a wuss!  Ok, I'll think about it for awhile and see if it warms up at all! 

It's difficult figuring out what to do from day to day - it'll be good to go back to work. I've lost my hiking partner, my going out partner, my movie watching partner, my everything partner. So I have to find ways of doing what I love either on my own or with a friend. Right now I don't really feel like doing anything but I'm sure that will pass. 

One thing I will do is go out, clean off Dougie the Dodge and let him run for a few minutes - hopefully he'll start ok. If that works out I may go to No Frills as the cat needs food and litter. I just buy in small amounts because she is 20 years old!!! We almost lost her a few weeks ago - she had a cold - but she pulled through - tough old thing!  Hmmmmm...kinda like me!
                   This is what a 20 year old cat looks like!
                   She sleeps 98% of the time.


  1. witchisland blogspot. caJanuary 3, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    That's one tough kitty.
    Sounds like you are getting over your cold/flu just in time to return to work and the regular routine.
    Hope Dougie the Dodge starts find and drive safely.
    It's storming here right now and everything has been shut down. Hope the power stays on its cold out.

  2. It is bitterly cold here too...coldest it has been in more than 50 years. I haven't been out of my house since my walk on New Years Day, but this afternoon I need to get to the store as we are expecting another large snow Saturday and SUnday, followed by even lower temperatures. BRRR! is all I can say, and I hope my van starts up this afternoon. Hope you have a good day!

  3. We just got snow today, and I couldn't be happier or more excited, even if the drive to work was treacherous at best. Going 30mph was TOO fast, on a 65mph regular road. I know that has to be hard with the cat. She's just making sure everything's good and well. I can't wait to go for a walk myself. Did I mention I just LOVE snow?

  4. If I was that old, I'd sleep 98% of the time too. lol
    I met my new grandbaby last week. Her name is Lilly and she is a calico. I am having to reconsider my stance on cats now. ;-)
    The structure of work will help you get outta your will the passing of time. But if you find you really need a going out/movie watching/drinking/having fun partner(not so much hiking in this weather)badly, come on down!!! 8-))

  5. I grew up with a dog but have just had cats as an adult. I'm seriously considering a new furry friend when the cat finally kicks the bucket.

  6. Yes, you LOVE snow - you're crazy, what can I say? Actually I love the way it looks on the trees, from the warmth of my living room hah!

  7. How long is this cold snap supposed to last?? I'm wondering if I can make do with what's in my pantry etc until it warms up a bit!

  8. Yes, you easterners have had it much tougher than we have so far this winter. I've missed the worst of it and haven't lost power yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. Does the cat have a name? She /he looks in great nick for twenty.The twenty year olds we've had in the past sort of slowly faded away.
    Jane x

  10. Great idea getting the car running. Mine had a bit of a hard go yesterday morning after sitting for a day or two. This weather has right gone crazy. -33 last night, don't think I have ever felt so cold in my life.

  11. Yes, her name is Tisky - Kazi named her when she was 4. At that time we had two cats and I named the other one Ruby. But Ruby was greedy and ate her food and Tisky's food (as much as she could get) and passed away a few years ago.

  12. Just started up the truck and its doing fine thank goodness. Will go do a few errands. How long is the cold snap supposed to last???

  13. Is that Niki girl back? And she didn't tell me??? Hmmmmm

    I can't believe your cat is 20! She looks great!

    My heart stopped for a bit when you said you had lost your hiking partner, your going out partner, etc. Jane. When God closes a door he always opens a window. (I truly believe this.)

    Can't wait to see the new 'hottie' in your life!! :)! {{hugs}}

  14. Trying to comment with a different account - hopefully it works! Hopefully Dougie the Dodge works too! ((Still thinking of you))

  15. Woah baby, that's one solid looking 20 year old cat :] Impressive feline genes. I also love that you took the time to thank new commenters/readers. Such a grand idea. Glad I popped over!

  16. See Jane? Everyone is here for you & rooting you on! ((hugs)) Things will get better in time... onwards & upwards my friend!!

  17. Don't look at this as the end, it is your new beginning. From here on out you will do everything that you want. You will live to make you happy. You can spoil yourself and we can all live vicariously through you!

  18. I guess I had no idea cats lived that long. Tisky looks great for her advanced maturity. It's been sunny and practically a heatwave in the mid 60s out here in northern California.

  19. A belated Happy New Year to you. I also didn't know that cats lived that long either.

  20. I'm hoping 2014 is your best year yet, you have so much to look forward to in life. Hope to meet you when you come to PEI next.

  21. Jane, you are so gracious. How nice to be thanked for commenting. Your 20-year-old kitty sure is in fine form, even if she does sleep the day away. At that age, she deserves to sleep as much as she wants!
    I enjoy your blog very much and have admired the way you have handled life - raising your daughter, getting an education, your trailer and now PEI home, your relationships, and now the sorrow of what has happened. Even though we do not know each other, what I get out of your blog is the joy for life. Yes, the sorrows and hardships come. Everyone has them, but you seem to come back to your joy spot. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog. Isn't it funny how writing about your day can touch so many people? You have a gift for writing, and I for one am glad you use it.

  22. Kerry - you live in PEI?? That's awesome! Let's stay connected!

  23. Mary - my heart thanks you. Your words mean so much to me, I can't say it enough. I snuck a peak in one of my brother's journals once and he had written a passage describing me as a modern day Scarlett O'Hara - "I'll never be hungry again"! I am a survivor, that's for sure - and my future in PEI, if that is where I end up, is my version of Tara!
    Thanks again for the boost!

  24. I hear ya Sonya Ann! I will absolutely try my best. With all of this support I should be just fine!

  25. She just keeps on ticking away - we don't think she'll ever die!

  26. Thank you! And Dougie did just fine - I'm proud of the old guy!

  27. I'll be ready when the window opens Sharon :)

  28. I want to come back a a cat in my next life, actually I want to come back as your cat.


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