Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat...Chit Chat

The wharf in Tignish - more fishing boats leave Tignish than
any other wharf in PEI.
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What are you…
Yes, I have two on the go which is why I haven't finished Plum Island yet, but it's an excellent read - the police officer who is investigating a double murder which is NOT on his turf has such a sense of humour - I love when a book makes you laugh out loud:)
I also read about 1,000 recipes today as I went through them all - I have recipes in a drawer, two boxes and on a shelf so I weeded them out and now what I have left fits nicely in the 2 recipe boxes.

Nothing so far...Kazi is watching the football game - go Patriots! at her boyfriend's house and Michael is attaching a new cord from our new TV to our sound system so that the words will be in sync with the movie actors' lips tee hee.  I'm telling you it's taking me a while to get used to high definition. It still seems 3D to me. We'll be watching a movie after dinner but I don't know what it'll be yet...something from....

Listening to?

Feel free to get up and dance!!

Nothing exciting...a big pot of vegetable soup yesterday using up some old carrots and celery - that'll be my lunch this week.  Tried a different scone recipe today and I don't like it as much as my "usual" recipe so won't make them again.  Pan fried some tilapia and made an amazing omelet for lunch with sauteed onions and garlic, crumbled turkey bacon, egg whites and skim milk mozzarella cheese melted on top. Yummy - The 10 Pound Challenge update tomorrow!

Happy you accomplished this week?
You'll love this one! I have a beautiful black wool winter coat that Michael bought me a couple of years ago but I haven't worn it this winter because, being wool, it had little woolly black pills all over it. So I bought some double A's for my defuzzer and went to town. Plus I did a white toque that got washed with some dark stuff (NOT BY ME!!) and a black sweater. I'm so glad I finally got that done - now I can wear my gorgeous coat!

I'm also glad I went to see my artist brother Kim after school on Friday. He has the landlord from hell and had to go to the tenant's rights bureau for help. He really needed to unload. We gabbed for FOUR hours nonstop!!

Looking forward to next week?
I have a few DIY projects to get done this week around the house and I LOVE crossing things off my TO DO list! 

Thankful for today?
I'm thankful that Michael brought me a decaf soy milk american misto from Starbucks after he did his errands.  I'm enjoying it right now. I am so thankful for a "room of my own" it's hard to express in words...though I will try one day this week!  It all started with this:
Love as first sight!!

Yup - it fits me!!
I happened to tell Michael when we were shopping for our new TV back in December that I LOVED this chair so lo and behold he bought it for my birthday!! (which isn't til May!) and this led to the idea of creating a "room of my own" centered around this chair. I'm sitting in it right now!!
AND we can't forget about the birthday boy - I'm VERY thankful for him - especially now that he's the same age as I am for the next 5 months!!
The birthday boy at work.

At Chaucers Pub - you'd never know that outside the wind
was howling and snow pellets pelting the city!


~Carla~ said...

Love your new chair!! It's gorgeous & looks so comfy!! What a spoiled girl you are!! ;) lol!

Suzy said...

wow he cleans up really nice huh?! I'm getting the living room furniture 'fever' but I have to find the floor first LOL! wonder if Judy got hers yet..think she said it's coming soon. I want a recliner though or something super duper comfy!

I'm trying to shrink the recipe stuff as well!

Anonymous said...

Love the chair! Can I come and borrow your room..just for a little while..I will leave eventually I promise..well..I might leave...maybe you better not lend it to me because I might move it :)

Out My window said...

Yeah, I could like that chair. You and I like many of the same things. Hmmmm....

The Borrower said...

Absolutely LOVE the chair! Congratulations on the early b-day gift!

Also, what is a defuzzer? I need this. I have the same wool coat issues.

saving for travel said...

The chair and the man were made for you Jane!

Sft x

Dmarie said...

what a fun post!! (p.s. I'm reading "March" by Geraldine Brooks.) Look forward to seeing more of your blog!

Sarah said...

would you mind dropping me a line on my blog with the name of your defuzzer bc really need to get one!

thanks :)