Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Vision Board 2012

Yes, I'm finally going to share with you my Vision Board. Michael and I each created one and this year's version had its beginning HERE:
Winter Camping - The Pinery
January 1, 2012

Michael and I took a few bags full of magazines, scissors, glue and paper so that we could spend some cozy time inside the yurt clipping out words, phrases and pictures that spoke to us in some way. During the cutting out stage we don't spend a lot of time analyzing we just go with our gut.

Here are a few of the phrases that I found and
clipped out.
It's an interesting process because when we go to the assembly stage words, phrases and pictures make new connections due to the way in which we arrange them creating new ideas and dreams that we hadn't been aware of but that "fit us" in exciting ways.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos - it was difficult to get angles with no glare yet allow you to still see the details. Plus, I dropped my camera at the Wine and Food (some call it Food and Wine but not me...;) and since then I think the quality of the pictures it takes has declined. It seems I am in the market for a new camera. Lucky me I am already saving up towards one!

 J'adore Louise Pitre!(the woman in red!) She is Canadian, the same age as me (55), attended my alma mater (University of Western Ontario) and is the epitome of glamour & talent (she sings and acts on stage across Canada & in the UK) and I want to be her when I grow up!
 Louise says: "A lot of the lines I have are because I laugh a lot. I don't have a problem with those!" Me either:) :) :)!! I love that a woman of 55 can look HOT!!! - she OWNS that red dress! Also in this section of my vision board are references to health and fitness, something I'm always working on: find your fit, love your shape, get outside, walking, having adventures.... encouraging phrases to help me stay the course at work, in my relationships, and with my goals: challenge, intense, passion, love, never cry quit, triumph and this special one: It may challenge my strength, but I am stronger. It may challenge my independence, but I am resolute... and "happiness and staying positive": Happiness levels change but, in my experience, the more positively we approach things in life, the happier we will be.
 Here is the lower half of my vision board which emphasizes clean eating which means no processed foods, nothing from a package or can, no chemicals, no additives - just plain, wholesome and delicious foods. More about this in a future post. I am always looking to "simplify my life" ( no more stuff!) and to "celebrate life" with family and "friends". I want to "reach" for my goals ("Think Big. Be Big"), be "bold" and "love No. 1" (that's a hard one sometimes!)  Some of my goals found in this section include learning to cross country ski, learn more about gardening, getting back to the basics (a more sustainable way of living - these goals have to do with when I'll be living full-time in PEI), travel, ("I had always dreamed of travel..." PEI & perhaps the Iles-de-la-Madeleine or Halifax this summer), and of course I want to "have fun"!!
I need to continue to "save" and "love my shape" no matter what weight I am - but if I reach my weight goal I just might buy a pair of skinny jeans!" I have to "face facts" and get on my bike and pedal my ass into those jeans!! So far "Will Power: 1....Giving Up: 0!" 
P.S. I love mischief, oh yes I do!
 I've included a lot of pictures of the outdoors such as the northern lights and a garden pathway I'd like to create in my PEI garden. Photos of birds and animals (I'm not too sure what the sheep illustrates but isn't she sweet?!!) The hat I covet!!
These two phrases speak VOLUMES to me. "EXHALE" is something I've finally begun to do. I've been holding my feelings in very tightly all of my life. There was never time to grieve, to celebrate, to let my guard down or even to slow down. As a single mother I've had to fight my way through life holding myself together for the sake of Kazi. Now I have my very own life coach who rejoices with me that I've started to let go a little, let myself feel and release myself from a lifetime of stress. Now that I have a partner I don't have to be the only one "holding it altogether." I CAN take a break, I CAN take a bubblebath, I CAN have a "room of my own" to escape to, I CAN look after myself and the world won't fall apart. I CAN exhale and learn to trust. I'm not there yet but the process has begun. The "room of my own" ("this room must be off limits") feels like the platform from which I'll finally be able to accomplish a lot of my goals, especially the one in the bottom right-hand corner: I FINALLY FOUND me ME me Me me ME!
Isn't that sheep too cute?!
 I see a dog in my future, though I don't know what kind. I'm saving for a camera - good thing!
 I finally found me! I am a lover of oats and blueberries (I'm having some right now!)
 Under "life" it says "taking care of what you cherish most" - which is ME! See, I can type it, but I don't feel it 100%. I've always put others, especially Kazi, even "feels wrong" to cherish myself the most. I understand the logic, but it's hard to change a lifetime habit.
 See that blurry picture under the word "comfort"? A woman is relaxing outside in a hot tub and all around her are snow covered trees! I am SO going to make that happen in PEI!!
 I am under "NEW MANAGEMENT - YOURS!...well MINE!" I AM going to try something new this summer - I am going to be staying in PEI for a few weeks all alone! This excites me (being the introvert that I am) but I am also going to have many adventures, travel, explore, visit friends, make new ones, and CELEBRATE MY LIFE!!
 Because "life matters"! If you turn your head to the left and read the small print beside the lighthouse it says "I am a lean, mean health machine." HAH! Not sure if I'll ever be lean again but I'm going to try!!
It's a new year; anything is possible. Will I triumph? Yes, I rather think I shall! I keep my vision board on the wall beside my stationary bike. I see it every time I bike, every time I go to bed and everyday when I wake up. I take a moment to scan and see what will inspire me today. Hmmmm...I think today will be all about LOVE - self LOVE!
Do you have a vision for yourself in 2012?


  1. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your board, Jane . They're so much fun and so insightful - I can't wait to see what mine manifests! So many good and exciting things on yours - I'm looking forward to hearing how these intentions turn out for you! :)

  2. This is so cool! The best part is you and Michael did it together - makes it even more powerful (IMO).

  3. Love, love, LOVE your Vision board, Jane!

    I'm hoping to return to PEI next year. I cannot believe how the Island just wormed it's way into my very being. (Maybe we can come stay with you??*hint*)

    Stay focused on your dreams m'dear. You will make them happen!

  4. Oh, Jane, thank you for sharing your vision board with us. I feel so privileged to hear your dreams, inspiration and goals.

    You certainly are inspiring me!

    I want to really embrace the outdoors this year too.

    Doing things independently are great for the soul. Can't wait to read about that adventure.

    Sft x

  5. This is just wonderful, Jane! :) I love all your hopes & dreams! I have no doubt you'll get into a air of skinny jeans & look fabulous!!

  6. wow thats a great vision board! reading your posts is always a reminder to jump in and enjoy life now, and happy belated birthday to Michael!

  7. Love your vision board. I, like you, hold things inside very tightly. I don't know anymore what it feels like to be happy. So many responsibilities and stress. Maybe a vision board would help.

  8. Big huge hugs :)
    Thank you for sharing this, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to use some of this myself as soon as I have some time. There is much to think about.
    2012 the year of learning about ourselves :)

  9. What a lovely board and so many wonderful goals you have shared. I like the sheep too (maybe there's one in your future?) but the cormorant caught my eye. what does he represent?

  10. Thanks for sharing, what a great idea! How cool is it that you an Michael worked together on it together, not only is the man HOT but also a great soul mate for you!!!

  11. Fun, what was the sheep all about. Are you going to raise them. Can I have the wool?

  12. wow I love that - I want to do one! how big is it and do you just glue the pictures on it or do something else to make it last?

  13. Dear Jane,
    Thank you for sharing your vision board with us.I think I asked you what a vision board was the first of January. Very powerful messages to live by each and every day. I feel so privileged to hear your dreams, inspiration and goals. Can not wait to see you in the summer. We will have to go looking for sea glass on the beach.....
    Island hugs Kendra

    PS Happy Birthday, Michael!!!

  14. Jane, I absolutely love it. It will be quite motivational for this year. I am a visual person too, I might have to follow in your footsteps.

  15. that is so awesome! I love it Jane!!!!

  16. This is even better than setting goals...seeing everything you want right in front of you...I love visuals...

    I have a feeling it's going to be a great year for you, Jane!! Keep on keeping on!!

  17. Jane,
    What a great idea! Everyday you can look at this and all your dreams, wishes, future ideas, hopes, and achievements are there staring you in the face.
    I love the sheep, so warm and fuzzy looking. Maybe you were thinking of a nice wool sweater made in P.E.I. Dyed in the wool is a great place. A little pricey but will last a lifetime.

  18. @ Laura - thank you!!
    @NLA - the trick is to have a look at it every day - I'm a visual person so this helps so much more when there are lots of pictures and succinct messages.
    @Borrower - Yes, the fact that we did them together was a great and meaningful experience:)
    Eboo - thank you!! and yes you would be very welcome at our humble abode in PEI!
    sft - this is where I feel safe disclosing things about myself & you are very welcome.
    @ Carla - thanks for having faith in me!!
    @ Louise - I thought I had to wait until retirement to enjoy life until I met Michael! We've packed a lot of living into the past few years:)
    Karen - I would encourage you to go through the vision board process - I've learned a lot about myself and the better you know yourself the happier you'll be. Please give it a try!
    @ Little Lamb - thanks a lot!!
    Johanna - I don't mind at all - in fact I encourage you to create one of your own - you may be surprised what you learn about yourself! Huge hugs right back at ya!
    @ Marguerite - thanks my friend! The cormorant represents (as all birds do - I have some cardinals a little lower down) FREEDOM! I can't tell you how many dreams I've had where I am flying above looking down on the world and leaving the crappy day to day stuff behind. They also represent my father who was a great bird lover. He helped bring the bluebird back to southern ontario after they dwindled away to nothing. He also used to set up feeding stations all around the countryside during the winter and travel to each one daily to top them up. He was a real birder!
    @ Debbie - You've got Michael pegged alright!
    @ Kim - I promise you if I ever raise sheep I'll send you the wool lol! Honestly, I don't know yet what the sheep represents - perhaps it was just a whimsical choice but don't we all need a little whimsy in our lives??
    @ Susanna - I think making a vision board would be very therapeutic for right now! Do it!! Yes, we just use a glue stick and the size is up to you. I had a bunch of poster frames kicking around so we make them that size then put them in the poster frame and hang them on the wall - helps hold it all together!
    Kendra - it's a date!! I would love to start a sea glass collection:) It'll be darn good to see you!
    @Niki - thank you! I think you should create one of your own - you're a very crafty person and I would love to see how it turns out:)
    @jp - aww thanks jp:)
    @ Sharon - you're right it is better than setting goals - seeing them just makes so much more sense to my brain:) I've forgotten all about the ones I wrote down lol!
    @ the Witch: I have a feeling the meaning of the sheep will be revealed to me in time. Right now she's a bit of a mystery and I like that...though the sweater sounds tempting!

  19. I thought I left a comment yesterday... but I just have been imagining it :)
    Here it is again, or something close to it. Maybe.

    Loved the vision board Jane, and after reading the post I am motivated to put together one of my own. In fact... maybe you should sponsor a "vision board" challenge, doesn't that sound like fun??

  20. You were just thinking of me. That's why you put the sheep in there! ;)

  21. I love it! I am going to try and do one myself. The best part and I think the greatest part is accepting who we are as we age! I swear if one more person I know gets new boobs or a new nose or something I will scream

  22. Honest to God, I don't think that you two could be any cuter.
    I'm impressed every step of the way.

  23. Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.

    Lao Tzu

    I love the idea of a Vision Board challenge @Lisa. I will do a guest post soon to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and share my vision board. Keep nurturing your dreams. Cheers.

  24. Love your vision board! What a great way to start the new year. I also love how you stand in front of it every day and pick something to inspire you. That way it's flexible to fill whatever need you have that specific day.

  25. Vision boards are so awesome. May all your dreams come true.


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