Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Singing in the Rain...

Michael wanted me to take his picture with the umbrella - I've never known there to be a torrential downpour (actually several) during January before. We did have a little snow, but sadly it's all slush now.

I'm a little weary today so I'll make it quick. Last night we watched TWO, yes 2 movies via Netflix. One for Michael and I can't even remember what it was...oh yes... it was called The Peacemaker and starred George Clooney and Nicole Kidman. An edge of the seater complete with Russian spies, Bosnian nuclear arms thieves and lots of suspense. I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars (though 5 out of 5 for George looking so darn good!!)  The second one was a little British drama (for me) about an aristocratic girl from Spain who has to come live in a British boarding school after a bit of an indiscretion and one of the teachers who becomes quite infatuated with her with deadly results!! Ooooh, I should write reviews!

Anyhoo (I'm giddy) because I should have gotten a bit more sleep last night than I did.  So it will be early to bed tonight!

On Mondays I'll be updating my weight loss for the 10 Pound challenge. Last Monday I had lost a total of ...4.2 I'm at exactly 6 pounds - only 4 more to go for this challenge but then I'm hoping to continue until I lose a total of 15 pounds. We'll see how it goes....

In other news I had a no spend day yesterday and today - woot woot!  One more week to go and also until payday. I still have the $20 in my wallet (though tomorrow I will be donating towards another gift basket - that's three parents of my staff who have died over the past month!) so my $20 will be turned into a $10 dollar bill :( AND I have $136 in my account to cover food and gas for one more week - that should be more than enough. Again, we'll see how it goes...

Is the weather crazy where YOU live??


  1. Well thanks for asking, yes, the weather is a little crazy where I live... ;) lol!

    Michael always has such a huge grin on his face!! He could make the most miserable person alive crack a smile I bet!! lol!

    You're doing great this month! We're in the home stretch!! Keep on going!! :)

  2. We're getting mild (+9 degrees) tomorrow as well as a bit of rain. Crazy.

    Congrats on your weight loss, WOW!

  3. the weather is always crazy in Houston - I still have shorts and sweaters both in the was beautiful and tomorrow is supposed to rain.
    that Netflix is gonna make you a couch tater! next it'll be a huge-mongous big-screen tv, surround sound, then a tv in every room :-)

  4. Hi sister: Jim and I love Netflix, had it for a year I think..have watched hundreds of movies..ran out of my fav. British movies the paisley chair..paisley was one of dad's fav. designs..I'm thinking of getting a lazy boy chair too..Jim's cold is nearly gone, I'm still coughing..hope you guys are feeling better..poor Kimmus, he'll probably move again? We had rain today too..miss my walks outside..luv L.Dee

  5. We have had the craziest weather ever here also, thunderstorms and tornado's in January is nuts!!! Congrats on some no spend days, the end is in sight!!

  6. Crazy in it really hasn't been cold. But then I don't want it cold as it is so expensive to heat the house.

  7. The weather is ok but I love warmth so roll on summer!

    Have a great day Jane!

    Sft x

  8. the weather is horrible where I am! So sad! I love snow!

  9. When you retire movie reviews could be your full time job. Just a thought.
    Good job on saving money and losing weight. You are my hero!

  10. the weather is indeed all over the place. Well done on the weight loss,


  11. Great job on the spending, Jane...

    Weather? Insane, really. Saturday is was FREEZING, today? 60 degrees. As my Mom would say, it's pnemonia weather.


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