Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 10 Pound Challenge - are YOU in?

This is going to be the most important question you get asked today, maybe this week, or even all year!!!

Are YOU in?  No? Not yet? Well, what are you waiting for people??

Erika, over at Newlyweds on a Budget, is hosting a 10 pound weight loss challenge. That's it, 10 pounds! (or more, or less - it's entirely up to you!) But, if you achieve your weight loss goal you'll be in the running for a bunch of cash prizes!! Yes, you heard me - CASH!!  

So run (don't walk) over to Erika's blog  for your chance to shed some unwanted pounds and earn a chance to win some much wanted cash!! Sign up is required so get moving!!


  1. I'm in. I told her I'm in. I'm already working on it (as I sip my coffee and would LOVE to eat with that coffee, but will not.)

  2. Going out to enjoy nature, the near-60-degree temps, and burn some calories now (snitched a butter cookie - oh no!)

  3. Good luck!! :) I'm not in... I gained 5lbs & hubby's all impressed with me, says I have a little bit of "booty" now!! Hahaha!!!

  4. @ 444 - I think you and I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for well over a year! Let's DO it this time - I dare ya!
    @ Carla - perhaps you could do a "gain 10" challenge!! I know it isn't easy for you with all of your food allergies! Then you really would have some "junk in your trunk" lol!

  5. Bahaha!! Ed would love more "junk in my trunk"! Rotfl!!!


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