Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Camping in a Yurt - Day Two

So many topics to write about and not enough time. But I'll get there, I know I will. Tomorrow sees me getting back into routine again: get up at 5:45am, work til 3pm, get back on the exercise bike and start racking up the miles to get to Judy in Philadelphia

There are challenges galore: The No/Low Spend January, the Live on the $70 in my Wallet Challenge, The 10 Pound Weight Loss Challenge, the Biking to See a Whole Whack of my Blogging Friends Challenge and the Sealed Pot Challenge. So let me see if I've got this straight:

I can't spend, I can't eat, I must excercise and I must save. 

Thank goodness I have a great support team - YOU!!

Obviously I love a challenge, always have, so it's a matter of matching wits with myself to not only achieve my goals but have fun in the meantime. And believe me, I have more than enough ways  to have fun: I LOVE playing with my new iPad, I have the "7 Money Rules for Life" by Mary Hunt to read(thanks for the loan Carla!) along with "Plum Island" by Nelson deMille (I'm about 1/2 way through and it is SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!(thanks Secret Santa!!) and two books on making the most of my introvertedness (thanks to Lisa for that new word)! AND I have two other purchases I will tell you about soon made in December so they don't count in the No/Low Spend January though they do cause me a few guilty pangs once in a while (rarely!) 

So onto adding more FUN into the day - here are some more  Winter Camping in a Yurt Day Two pictures for your viewing pleasure:
A sneak peak at some of Michael's
inspirational words for his vision board.

The campsite looks a little forlorn
with a smidgen of snow, but no worries,
there'll be a blazing fire later in the day.

The temperature has fallen from +7c to -2c
but nothing that Michael's super duper coat
couldn't handle
with how many was it dear? 9 pockets??

At the start of the Cedar Trail,
about 2.3km each way.

Dear, how many times have I told you
to hold the camera HIGHER!! No one
needs to see all of my chins!

Although it's called the Cedar Trail it is
largely covered with oak trees - a slight
change in colour from grey and white.

OK, you didn't tell me there were STAIRS,
lots and lots of STAIRS on this trail!

We persevered on all of those stairs to reach
just down the road about 30 minutes
from Bayfield where my, well
not mine anymore, trailer resides.

The waves were huge due to the strong winds - we could hear the roar of these waves from our yurt - I just love falling asleep to that sound.
My nice daughter downloaded a free app called Relax Melodies onto my iPad that plays all sorts of sounds from nature so last night we went to sleep to the sounds of ocean waves. The app comes with a timer so it will eventually shut itself off and an alarm so you can wake up to whatever sound you like.
I don't think I'd wake up though - the sounds are too soothing!

Pretending the wind chill isn't minus 50!!

When in Rome...

Right after this shot a big wave got him!!

Leaving our mark

Heading back - I snapped this photo
hoping to get the waves in the
background - I got more than I
bargained for lol!

I know, I know, we can be pretty
sappy sometimes...Michael more
than me of course:)

Ok, I told him to look "sexy"...

It was a pretty gloomy day weather-wise;
snow pellets off and on all day. 

This is where you go to rent a canoe etc;
closed for the season.

Ahhhhhhhh, stirring up the fire and
loving every minute.

Chef Michael warms up some chili to go with
our sausage on a bun - YUM!

He wanted to take a lot of pictures of his
Blundstone Boots because you can
send the photos to the company
and possibly win a trip:)

We rang in the New Year...again...
with a bottle of bubbly -
it was chilled to absolute perfection
with just a few ice crystals in it.
Freixenet is best
very very cold!

Oh no, not again!

I improvised by putting tinfoil over
the top of this lantern so the wind
wouldn't blow it out - worked great!

Popping the bubbly!

Nothing better than a
paper cup of cold bubbly...

...unless it's a paper cup of cold bubbly
in the middle of a snow pellet storm
by a roaring fire! Yes, I actually
enjoyed this immensely...

...and so did my fearless partner!
Happy Birthday Michael! (Jan. 17th!)

Keeping the home fires burning...

Twirling in the snow on my way to the
washroom hut (it was actually really nice
- warm, clean and most importantly
not too far from our yurt!

And of course the night wouldn't
be complete without
creating snow angels!

I wonder what Day 3 will bring...besides
more snow!
Hi honey!


~Carla~ said...

LOVE the pics, Jane! Looks like you had so much fun! I'm SO not a winter person, but as long as I'm warm I'm ok... lol! Good luck getting to Philly! lol! Hope the traffic isnt too bad! ;)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Now I have to start getting all the things I want you to see together...we are going to have so much fun!!!

slugmama said...

a yurt, the beach, champagne, snow and your honey.
Sounds like a great combination! ;-)

Debby said...

Wow!!! Lovely photo's, it looks like so much fun, coming home would be hard!! Good luck on your No/Low spend month. I too picked up Mary Hunts book after Carla's post LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna move in with ya'll - you could ship me to Judy's when you get tired of me! I need to do some exciting stuff but it's sooo boring by myself. :-(

let us know how those introverted books are ok?!


Sharon said...

Well look at you and how much fun you are having!! I am must really LOVE nature! :)!

I'm reading the 7 Money Rules for Life too, I have put The Happiness Project down for a bit. (It's a big problem of mine...starting books, not finishing them...but I will, yes I will!)

You do have a lot of challenges Jane, but I have a feeling you are going to do great on all of them! :)!

Canadian Saver said...

I missed the part where you gt an iPad!! Jealous jealous here :-)

Your pictures are awesome... I don't think I'd do it (especially without a bathroom in the same yurt!) but it sounds like you had a blast :-)

Johanna said...

Those waves look awesome. It looks and sounds like you had a great time

Out My window said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. I always wanted to go to lake Huron.