Thursday, January 26, 2012

An ADD Post

In addition to being an introvert I have ADD. That's actually not a bad thing to have as an adult - I can multi-task like nobody's business and even though my desk is covered...I mean COVERED by about a dozen different tasks in various stages of completion I can always get it all pulled together by the end of a school day.  I can also hear every single conversation going on in the classroom, every noise every student makes and am thus alerted to anything unusual very quickly. Which is also a good thing with a class full of students with autism!

I don't really have a topic today, have you figured that out yet? No, a million different things are rolling around in my head and I can't nail a single one down and make a post about it. So here are my random thoughts, in no particular order (that's half the fun - disorder!) along with a few random photos thrown in for extra confusion!!

Perhaps I could call this post: Spend 5 Minutes in MY Head!

  • exams start tomorrow at school, I can't believe the school year is almost half over
  • Carla's challenges - need to make some goals and a plan of action...can't think clearly enough now though so hopefully over the weekend
  • sure glad I LOVE vegetables
  • when will I get my report cards done I wonder?
  • need to buy Shelley a plant this weekend, she'll be back on Monday (her dad died this week)
  • why is Kazi so snippy lately?
  • still feeling a residue of sadness from watching "The Whistle Blower" (don't rent it!)
  • should I still take the car in to be checked now that the engine light is no longer on???
  • think I'll wear jeans tomorrow
  • wish people would stop drinking my Fresca!
  • 4/5 days this week are NO SPENDS - YAY, no $$ for Sealed Pot - boo! That's sort of a microcosm of our country's economy these days...hmmmm....interesting
  • gotta get off here and go ride my bike...should I read while riding or play sudoku on the ipad?
  • Michael's supper smells really good
  • sure hope I remembered to turn the coffee pot off at school
  • how can I save any money next month when my income has decreased by $500 thanks to the stupid Canada Pension Plan deductions kicking in again? 
  • I don't imagine I'll get a raise this year - our 4 year contract is up and I know Dalton McGuinty wants to keep salaries status quo - I'm ok with that...that means I've reached my top salary!! Wow, that felt weird!
  • why does my weight go up the day after I exercise and down the day after I don't - makes no sense at all!!??
  • a little nervous about going to Michael's friends for dinner tomorrow night, glad it's just 4 of us though, I get totally lost in a large group
  • yay - Kazi put gas in the car
  • felt strange to see a little dusting of snow on the ground this morning - wonder if we'll get any more?
  • gotta take pictures to sell stuff on kijiji on Saturday - hey - maybe I can incorporate that in each part of the two challenges?? Make some extra $$ (maybe) and declutter at the same time...hmmm...
  • maybe I can finish my book tonight, it's getting so exciting - the 2 main characters are out in a speed boat chasing the murderer and they're almost out of gas and there's a hurricane going on!!
  • really need to watch a comedy tonight after last night's downer movie - so brutal
  • what should I wear tomorrow night
  • how do I stick to my diet when someone else is making dinner and I'm a guest??? AND now going to Jambalaya saturday night with Troy - double yikes!
  • think I'll get the Globe and Mail on Saturday instead of the National Post, just for a change
  • should I go to the market Saturday morning or use the food I have until my next pay on Tuesday? think I'll wait and tough it out!
  • weight has been up and down all week though my eating has stayed the same - plateauing already?
  • poor Demi Moore
  • oh rats, forgot to have a nip of scotch last night in memory of Robbie Burns...oh well, maybe next year hahahaha!
And that's just the surface stuff!
                                 My hummer!
                           PEI coastline - never far from my mind...
                            Pumpkins? No, just very colourful buoys!
                      At Cedar a favorite place to visit!
                   A lonely looking church, but peaceful.
                         Complementary colours....sigh....
                                Here comes the rain!


Gill - That British Woman said...

do you manage to sleep with all that going on in your head? I was shattered just reading that should lose weight with all that you're doing.

Gill in the Alliston area...

~Carla~ said...

Wow... That's some post! ;) lol! Was fun to read though! I say you swipe some of Michaels dinner, go have a drink, & relax with a chick flick!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Jane - I was totally with you up until the Demi Moore thing. Then I was like "Wait...what?" This sounds like my brain at 3 a.m. It just. won't. stop. And the photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing! :)

Out My window said...

You mind is like mine. Do you ever listen to someone and not know the answer and think to yourself. I will research that. I am constantly frustrated if I don't know an answer to some trivial questions and I will remember to look it up. Weird Huh?

Johanna said...

Crazy the way brains work :)
Cedar Dunes is a favorite place for me too. All your pictures made me feel home sick for PEI. Dave's vacation request went in this week, we won't know anything till march sometime though.

Debby said...

HA, your mind sounds like mine most of the time. Thats why I have to have a to do list or I am all over the durn place!!

Anonymous said...

My mind is like this too - so my thoughts.
Anyway I always wonder why I can hardly eat for days and not lose any weight and then eat a huge meal + cake and weight less in the morning...I NEVER understand it! It's so frustrating.

Lisa said...

I love how your mind works! A multitasking genius if you as me :)

Jane said...

Hi Gill and welcome to my humble blog. I've seen you "around" the blogosphere and have added you to my blogroll. Yes, amazingly enough I sleep very well. I always read until I can barely hold my eyelids open then quickly turn off the light!

@Carla - we did end up watching Swingers with Vince Vaughn when he was about 25 years old - not exactly a chick flick but very funny!

@NLA - funny about Demi - I've never really been a fan but am feeling sorry for her right now.

@Kim - yup that's me too, enquiring minds need to know! Can't tell you how many times in a day I look something up on Google!

@Johanna - are you going to Nova Scotia? PEI? When? I'm already planning lol!

@ Debby - I couldn't get through a day without my lists!

@ Laura - it is frustrating isn't it? My weight went back up again this morning after doing 20km on my bike last night?!?

@Lisa - thanks, I don't know about the genius part lol!

jpkittie said...

What a fun post!!!! Love it :) you are a busy lady! But I am sure it helps you to get everything done!!!

Sharon said...

Holy moly, is that what ADD is? I thought it was just being a woman. :)!

I laughed out loud on some of them, because I've been there...lots of times!

Love the pics!!

Kim said...

ah ha ha ha, you sound like me, or I sound like you ... whichever! I wonder if I have ADD. I should look it up. The part where you can hear everything going on in the class, every sound and nuance; that is SO me, ha ha.

Excellent post. Had a belly laugh when I read "poor Demi Moore".


p.s. this IS such a good post, I may copy. Random thoughts, to be sure!!!

lanniedee said...

Yikes sister, shades of dad. How many times did he wake in the night to write things down? I'm a list maker at times but more for remembering..My trick at bedtime is usually thinking of my gardens in summer or walking my fields in P.E.I..can't wait for May holidays. I'm sure Gord could relate to your blog list! Enjoyed your pics, I take tons when there too..I'm thankful for my good hearing too..glad you can put a positive spin on L.Dee

Tanner said...

The only times my mind can even work half that much is under lots of sugar. I am impressed you can do that on a daily basis! My head would start blowing smoke if it was on that much overdrive.

Little Lamb said...

Haha! Seems many of us have that similar mind..... always going.... This was a great read!

Johanna said...

Planning a bit in my head but we really haven't talked much about it yet. Have to see which weeks he gets plus what my work situation looks like :) I've been roaming Cape Breton on google earth though :)

The Witch said...

The brain works in mysterious ways.
The pictures are beautiful and the red barn cottage is for sale.
Cedar Dunes is a favorite spot for most beach combers the small rocks are all so colourful and shining with the ocean washing over them.

Suzy said...

wow my head bounces around stuff too but somehow I don't seem to get stuff finished at the end of the day like you do!

saving for travel said...

Does that feel better now you have emptied your head?

Sounds like therapy to me.

Beautiful photos, I love the colours.

Sft x

Babybluewater said...

Wow! You are one busy lady in that head of yours :) I loved your post. Beautiful pics!

SonyaAnn said...

Sometimes I think I have ADD and other times I wish I had it. LOL. Lots of coffee and anyone can have ADD.
Have a great weekend!

Marguerite said...

I've often wondered how you manage to cram in blog posts along with your job and family and now I know!

Jake said...

My brain does exactly the same thing. Yours sounds just like mine last Saturday morning (yes a Saturday!!). I was awakened by the cat who wanted feeding, not my job, the hubby did it. This was at 5:30 so I lay WIDE awake with my brain in full gear thinking about a million things that needed/wanted doing. I even tried counting sheep got to a 100 and gave up. Finally got out of bed at 7:30!!