Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Link Love

It's been forever since I did an edition of "Friday Link Love." So here goes; the top referring URLS over the past month have been (sound of drum roll) - 

  • http://saving4later.blogspot .com (thanks Canadian Saver!)
  • (thanks Judy!)
  • (thanks Sharon!)
  • (thanks Sam!)
  • (thanks Jolie!)
  • (thanks Grace!)
  • (thanks Sarah and Jenny!)
  • (thanks Carla!)
And now I must pull myself together for the Wine & Food Show - I have a plan to not blow my diet so let's hope I stick to it!!


  1. Glad to be on the list of such a fine blog! Thanks.

  2. Why, you are very welcome, my dear! Enjoy the food and wine!

  3. Enjoy your wine and cheese! It's ok to blow the diet once in awhile(can you tell I blew mine

  4. Have a blast at the wine & food show!! You can starve yourself tomorrow!! ;)

  5. Firstly a huge apology for not catching up with your posts sooner. I've had a real problem with blogger not alerting me so I thought you hadn't posted for a while.

    So now I've read all about your wonderful yurt adventure (Michael and you are so like Mr Sft and I, a couple of soulmates in lurve. Mr Sft is a jolly man and such fun to be around too).

    And you are so inspiring in your challenges, I know you will do great. I LOVE YOUR SEALED POT! It's beautiful.

    Loved the Sunday Chit Chat too and I've asked Carla if I can join in tomorrows.

    That's it for Jane!

    Sft x

  6. Wine and Food Show oh my! that sounds wonderful. I tried to give up candy for the week at work and failed miserably. Here's hoping you have more will power than I do. But don't be too good, have some fun.

  7. I'm always amazed that I'm one of the top referrer for so many blogs... I don't have thousands of reader, yet a lot of traffic seems to come my way... glad I can send them this way, Jane :-)


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