Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat...Chit Chat!

And welcome to another edition of Sunday Night Chit Chat...starring our lovely host - CARLA! Make sure you go check and see how her evening is going!

Here's my photo for tonight:
A little bouquet of wildflowers/weeds  Michael picked for me from around our place in PEI this past summer.

What am I reading?
 This is THE very issue I'm reading right now. I've been a fan of the National Geographic since I was tiny. One of my ancestors worked for National Geographic a looooooong time ago and we always had a free subscription. I have the one for the month I was born. Currently I'm reading about all the ghost towns being created on the prairies due to drought.

After serious reading one needs a little humour! Just finished watching this movie:
Yes, I agree, not very highbrow but sometimes ya just need to  be entertained. Last night I went to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and I urge you to run, not walk, to your nearest theatre and see this little gem of a movie. Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and this talented young man:
Thomas Horn, in his first role, as a boy with Aspergers Syndrome, was simply amazing.

What am I listening to:

My default band:)  When I can't think of who I want to listen to or I need some cheering up this song/this band never fails to do it for me!

What am I cooking or baking?
I made Three Bean Chili and Frosted Oat Squares (without the frost but WITH chocolate chips:)!
 Mmmmmm...warm out of the oven, there's only a couple left!
Smells so good - no meat today - strictly veggie!

Happy I accomplished this week?


Looking forward to this week?

February challenges!!

Thankful for today??
A man who can make me laugh!!


  1. I REALLY want to see "Extremely Loud".. Looks like its going to be an amazing movie!! Your oat squares look delicious! Yum! Have a great night!! :)

  2. Wildflowers/weeds are my favorite kind of flowers. We just renewed our N.G. subscription and I hope I don't miss that issue. I love lowbrow comedies. I didn't make anything with chocolate chips in it. No, I didn't! I didn't just finish eating three of them - not me! (Do I sound like I am lying?)

  3. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will try and catch it while it's in the theatres.

  4. OH, I love your flowers they are my favorite kind, fresh from the yard or where ever!! Congrats on finishing your report cards, 2 of our DD's are teachers so I know what a chore that is.

  5. We are going to see it this weekend I love tom hanks in anything but this movie looks so good And the flowed are lovely!

  6. I saw the previews for Extremely Loud and I defintely want to see that! Sounds like a date night coming up....

    I missed Sunday night chit chat as I went to bed at *gasp* 7:30 p.m. I guess I was tired....

  7. I saw previews for Extremely Loud and it made me weepy. I think I'll have to wait to rent it because I might be turned into a loud sobby mess at the theatre! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  8. I'm back (left my brief comment before rushing out to school this morning)! Mr Sft and I love the Pixies. I saw them in the 80s in London and they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    I like Here comes your Man too!
    Also Gouge away and Where is my mind? (great guitars).

    Also love Nat Geographic, so interesting, how interesting about your relation.

    Sft x

  9. I just love that header pic!  I will have to see that movie, I work with a lot of Aspie young adults, so I'll add that to my list.
    I love National Geographic too, I remember as kid my grandfather used to get them and they were all stacked up in piles in his study. We used to be so careful reading them!

  10. If you work with "Aspie adults" you will love this movie Louise! The young actor had the mannerisms down so well it blew my mind!

  11. I am soooooo envious that you saw the Pixies live!! There were a few months (stressful months) that I would psych myself up every morning in the car on the way to work by playing "where is my mind" and that would help me to not take things so seriously lol! They're the best! So you're older than I thought you were!! I had you pegged as 30ish!

  12. I was able to discreetly dab at my eyes! It is a very deep and emotional movie but done in such a way that it's never maudlin ...there's a wee bit of humour there the boy is very brave, as is his mother.

  13. I definitely recommend you see the movie Sharon. Even though here in Canada we weren't as affected by 9/11 I could NOT go to see any movies about the tragedy until this one came along and gives the story behind one family's loss.

  14. You will love it Judy!

  15. Here I am getting caught up on comments - the N.G. magazine I was reading was from 2008, do you keep your back issues? 


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