Thursday, January 5, 2012

Murphy's Law

Last night as Michael and I watched "Hannah" on our brand new 40" TV and brand new blue ray DVD player we sighed with pure unadulterated joy and I said "ain't life grand?" or some such nonsense. 

Nonsense indeed. Little did we know that while we were watching the movie our hot water tank was emptying itself into our basement, and of course while emptying itself it was continuously refilling itself like a good little water heater should. 

When realization set in (around midnight!) we slipped into our rubber boots and I made an irate call to the rental company who proceeded to kindly book me in for the next day. How helpful. Then I called the heroes at Steam Canada who actually work 24/7 and within an hour a tiny little gent was sucking up the water with his big hose. (careful Mark!) 

We made it to bed around 2:30am. Today I find out that they are finally going to replace my piece of junk hot water heater but I have to move EVERYTHING out of the way between the front door and where the hot water heater will go. The new tank costs me nothing but of course the length of pipe connecting it to the water source is no longer "code" so it has to be replaced to the tune of $300. 

What fun!

So if you're wondering why I'm not catching up on your blogs this morning like I had promised myself I would do it's because I'm slogging around a damp basement hauling bits and pieces all over the place. Oh happy day!

And what I really wanted to tell you about was our yurt adventure.  Maybe later...we'll see if Murphy has indeed left the building!


  1. Sorry about your pool, but at least it's heated water. :)

    I have Hanna here today, I am excited to watch it. It was good?

  2. Well one has to love a man with a big hose(you only told mark to watch it:) )

    Glad they are replacing it though

  3. That sucks Jane!! I am sorry that Murphy decided to visit! Hope the clean up goes well.

  4. Uhoh....any post with Murphy in the title can't be

    Glad it's being taken care of, sorry about the $300 cost.

    you said big hose...hehehe

  5. WOW, you are so lucky Jane.
    No really , didn't you just clean out the basement of extra stuff?
    Thankfully you do have a horseshoe!

  6. How dare you assume that that's where my mind went! Sure, it did "go there" but still...
    Sorry to hear about your water heater. That sucks! Next time, try not to be enjoying life so much and maybe that stuff won't happen. Basically, what I'm saying is, it's your own damn fault! ha!
    Love that photo of you and Michael looking at your kids in the basement.

  7. Okay, I just had roto-rooter here today to do a yearly maintenance o the sewer line. I told the young man to do it carefully, if he gouged the side of the clay pipe and collapsed the line I would hunt him down. Isn't water fun! Sorry about this.

  8. @Niki - we saw Hanna at the theatre so this was our 2nd time seeing it, so that means, yes, we loved it!

    @Oh Judy - I should have thought of you too!! (heeheehee)

    @ Lisa - thanks! yes the basement will now be extra clean!

    @ Slugmama - I know hee hee hee. Well I'm up over $500 so far with the big-hosed man taking $211.88 for his "services"! I just can't help myself!

    @Barb - I'm glad there was a lot LESS STUFF in the basement but annoyed that right now what's left is all sitting in my livingroom!!

    @Mark - I know, I think I jinxed myself but having such a good time. I won't do it again!

    @Kim - I'm not even going to talk about sewage in case I jinx myself!! Woops....

  9. Oh Jane, I'm so sorry. This happened to us last year around this night before our new hot water heater was to arrive our old one *exploded*...

    Here's the kicker...we called our insurance company and they replaced most of the carpet..but guess what? They raised our insurance this year by 42%! UGH!!!

  10. Our water heater broke this spring, causing great strife, and a 4 month insurance/restoration nightmare. I hope your resolution goes much more smoothly!

  11. (I love that cartoon. Hehe.)

    Wow. What a way to start the new year. Maybe it'll be getting all the bad stuff over with early, and the rest of the year will be smoooth as butter. Let's hope. Glad it's almost over, but ugh.

    If it's any consolation, I spent my first night of the new year tossing and turning on a hard-as-rocks cheap hotel bed listening to the neighbor's TV until 3 AM. I'm trying not to take that as a sign either. :)


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