Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tablets c1960

Definition of a tablet c1960: a number of sheets of writing paper, business forms, etc., fastened together at the edge; pad

My love affair with tablets, or pads of paper, began many decades ago (gulp) when my brilliant mother began tucking one into my Christmas stocking each year. We weren't allowed to come downstairs until 7am so my brother Kim and I would amuse ourselves with whatever we found in our stockings which somehow mysteriously appeared at the end of our bed sometime during the night. It wasn't unheard of for us to wake up at 3 or 4am and stretch out a toe to see if we could hear that longed for sound of crinkly wrapping paper and feel the firm but bumpy contours of our Christmas stocking. How thrilling it was!!

We would get together in the boys' room or the girls' room and occasionally even in the bathroom if our older siblings didn't want to wake up. I always hoped for one thing in particular - the thick pad of paper - YES, it's here!! What did I fill it with? Stories of my own, but mostly drawings - drawings of fashion designs (step aside Stella McCartney!) and houseplans...strange hobby huh? 

We look pretty posh don't we? I don't know how she did it but she raised 5 kids on the earnings of my dad's manual labour at the local co-op plus the money she made writing and selling children's stories. With two older sisters you'd think I wore a lot of their hand me downs but they were (and still are hahaha) 9 and 12 years older than me so she had passed their clothes onto others by the time I showed up. I did wear hand me downs, but they were from the daughter of the postmaster and were really good quality, lucky me! 

But I digress...

I want to show you one final gift from my Secret Santa - how did she know  of my long love affair with paper? (and lists!)

I. love. this. tablet!! A nice sized box for each day of the week and a shopping list on the side - perfection! A week at a glance! It goes everywhere with me tucked in a side pocket of my purse. Whatever did I do without it? When I get to the last page I plan to photocopy it and make my own tablet!

Now I must confess to a purchase...what??...but it's NO/LOW Spend January you say?!! HAHAHAHAH, fooled you!! A certain someone paid me back $25.00 so I spent $23 and change on these:
Everything was on sale at Chapters. The KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON daily calendar of British "stiff upper lip" humorous sayings helps keep me sane at work:) The Money Spent tablet has a brilliant setup for recording purchases, and the Great Ideas tablet is so I can record all of those super-de-duper ideas I have no matter where and when I have them!! The two monogrammed notebooks were $1.00 each and I just bought them because. They were cute and I wanted them.

So that is how you can SPEND and still have a NO SPEND day!........
technically.......no? Ah c'mon, it didn't change my balance one little bit AND I put the change into my Sealed Pot

The 2012 definition of a tablet: A general-purpose computer contained in a single panel. Its distinguishing characteristic is the use of a touch screen as the input device. Modern tablets are operated by fingers, whereas earlier tablets required a stylus.  (I have one of these too but shhhhhhhhh, don't tell Canadian Saver!! Oh crap, I let the cat out of the bag....)

Which type of tablet do I prefer?? Well, I could exist without my iPad, but I could never ever get through a day without a pad of paper! Sorry Apple!


Anonymous said...

We are a list making family so I love lined paper, new copybooks..sigh....

Your mother is lovely and your pretty darn cute yourself

Dy said...

I'm almost never without a small notebook full of lists. I hit up the back to school clearance aisles so I can get them cheap. But they have to be pretty too, so if they aren't, I take out some scrapbooking supplies and give them a makeover.

You should host a "show us your notebook" post. I love seeing what other people write on/in.

Out My window said...

I also love pads of paper. I buy notebooks during the back to school sales. Ten cents a piece. Then I fill them all year with notes. Like show notes and dance notes and lists of to do's and then when the show is over I rip out the pages! So rewarding.

jpkittie said...

I am right there with you!!!! we love pads of paper around here!!!! so fun!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I agree, Ipads are cool, but they will never take over the power of the pen (and paper)!

SonyaAnn said...

I LOVE YOU! I love notes, I have them everywhere and even save my old lists and such. I keep a calendar and I have a huge notebook for the day to day. We rock!

Grace. said...

I am SO marked by journal, paper, notebooks, whatever. I write in them all the time and have two boxes of unused ones waiting for me. I particularly like Composition books with cool covers. Have you discoverd the "Notebook Stories" blog? Now there's a woman after my own heart.

The Witch said...

What beautiful memories of the Christmas stocking placed at the end of your bed. We also had this type of tradition and it kept us kids busy before we were allowed to come downstairs and see what Santa may have left.
I always use a meal planner like the one shown and love it.
Also went to Indigo and bought a doodle calendar at 50% off. Who buys these things at regular price?
I'm like you, I have to have paper and a pen in hand.
Love these family pictures that you share with us.