Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Today is Yesterday was Michael's birthday (for some reason this post didn't publish yesterday, stupid Blogger) - he's 55 (caught up to me ha ha!) In tribute I am posting a series of photos from the past summer when we were at our home in PEI. The other day he was wishing we could be there walking down our laneway, strolling on the beach, sitting on our front porch as the sun was rising. Well dear, in 6 months we'll be there once again. Until then, remember and enjoy...and always remember - LIFE BEGINS NOW!!
 He's not only handsome - he's handy!
 On the wharf in Summerside, as the sun is setting...
 Whacking away in the forest with his machete!
 Enjoying the serenity of the front porch early in the morning...
 I'm not quite sure what he's doing in the middle of the raspberry bushes!
 We love to explore - here we're checking out the island's other drive-in theatre - we can see the screen in the distance from our property so we went on the hunt - won't be watching any movies here for awhile!
Mr. Potato Head:)
 Our favorite pub owner - Steve -and his lovely wife Kelly (and me) whooping it up at the Albert and Crown...
 Gotta love the red soil...there's still some in the trunk of the car:)
You know where this is Marguerite!
 Enjoying an early morning coffee...potatoes growing in the background.
 PEI is a great place for Michael to fly his kite...
 Enjoying a dance...again at the Alberton and Crown...we like it there...
 ...every night's a party!
 The singing white sands at Basin Head...
 You just can't get a bad shot in PEI, and the scenery ain't bad neither...
 Michael's debut as a lobster fisherman...he's always up for anything!...
 even when others have had enough he keeps on ticking like the energizer bunny...
 taking orders for a bbq on board some friend's boat in Casumpec Bay...mustard and relish on mine please..
Our last night was spent up near Tignish with some musician friends who were jamming one last time before heading south to Texas...unfortunately Michael had some difficulty handling the "screech" that night. You should have seen him in the morning!...
 however, there are no pictures of him on our trip home - here we go, crossing Confederation Bridge!
But we'll be back for more adventures, more sunsets and more memories......ONE LOVE Michael!


  1. Oh Jane,

    thank you for giving me my morning laugh! Fantastic pictures, as always, but the one that made me laugh aloud is the pic where you dubbed him the Energizer Bunny. What a classic. The look on Michael's face beside the I've-had-enough expression on that man's face - oh, that's the funniest thing I've see in a while!
    Feel free to post more pics of the 'old man' without a shirt on!

  2. I'm on break but I can't miss Birthday Posts. Especially Michael's with the award winning smile.
    Happy Birthday Michael!

  3. Happy Birthday Michael. And only a few more months and you will be back on that path....

  4. You can see his wonderful and kind soul in his eyes. You are blessed to have him and please wish him a belated happy birthday.

  5. Hope your handsome and handy husband had a fantastic day!! Thanks so much for sharing pictures.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful day Michael :)

  7. Happy Birthday, What a beautiful place to get to live.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! I have loved looking at your photos, what fun you have!

    Stupid Question: Is the photo of Michael on the veranda taken at your place on PEI. That looks like a dream to me!

    Sft x

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a blast. Ordered baloons to be delivered at work and got myself a Jade plant. Cheers.

  10. Hope Michael had a fabulously wonderful birthday!!! :)

    The sweatshirt (Unlearn) he's wearing in the Machete pic, I have that but in a woman's v-neck t-shirt! Love it!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday Michael!!!
    Don't worry the 6 month's will go by super quick and you will be flying your kite again.
    We have the same kite and I had mine up last week over the rocks of Cavendish Beach. The weather has been nuts. Plus 6 and rain.
    Jane you took some lovely pictures of you and your handsome younger man!

  12. Love you guys, love the pictures. Happy birthday Michael hope you had a great day and have fun counting down the days till PEI (I am :0))

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHEAL! I also love the expressions in that had enough pic - the poor guy next to him LOL is priceless! and hey - we got a shirtless-in-pj-pants pic!! woo hoo! ;-)

  14. Happy Birthday Michael, he sure looks like the pick of the litter to me!! Siting on the porch in the morning wearing only PJ's bottoms, Oh My!!

  15. Aw! Happy Birthday Michael! What a lovely man...

  16. A very happy birthday to you MIchael! Great photos, I didn't realize you went to BasinHead. Isn't it a beautiful beach - and delightfully squeakky. It's -12 here tonight and the wind's howling to the tune of -25 windchill so walking your laneway might be a bit chilly this time of year, we'll be looking for you again come summer though.

  17. Happy birthday Michael!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures! Great adventures to be sure!

  18. I'm late to the party as always but I still wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday and you both are so lucky you found each other!!

  19. Love the pictures too!

    Happy belated Birthday, Michael :-)


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