Thursday, January 5, 2012

Murphy's Law - Update #1

So I'm a little bummed as I was hoping to get my EF up to $2000 this month by participating in Carla's January No Spend. Just paid my first bill associated with THE FLOOD of 2012 which was $211.88 to Steam Canada. I certainly don't begrudge the money however as the wizened little man with the big hose sucked up the lake in the basement lickety split!!

I am getting a new hot water tank - they're coming to install between 4 and 8pm.  The good news is I'm certainly saving on the heat bill!! The hot water tank works in conjunction with the furnace so I can't run the furnace. I don't mind that so much, it still feels plenty warm in here, but I do get tired of going to the tap and nothing comes OUT!!! Makes me realize how lucky we are to have clean running water at our fingertips - we just take it for granted. But damn I want a cup of tea!

The bad news is I need a new "pipe" (I don't get plumbing lingo AT ALL) as, you know, they update the "code" every year meaning my 18 year old "pipe" is not at the level of the current "code" so they need to replace said pipe to the tune of $300 plus lots and lots of taxes. 

The good news is no other damage was done. Most of the water stayed in the furnace room and the laundry room which have cement floors plus a drain in the laundry room floor. 

The bad news is there is stuff from the basement EVERYWHERE!! so that the workers have clear access and don't have to move so much as a piece of lint out of their way (they're not allowed to touch our purposes...aren't they the lucky sods!?!) 

So the bad news is (ha, gotcha, you thought there was gonna be more GOOD news, ha ha) my back is killing me from moving things that are way heavier than I can handle and my clothes are way too tight so the waistband of my jeans is digging into the area of my back that hurts intensifying the PAIN. 

Sheesh, what a whiner I am today!

The good news, for you, is I'm done my little rant now and will go back to defrocking the Christmas tree and the rest of the house.

Oh oh oh wait! I've got more good news!!! I DO have $1800 in my EF so have ample $$ to cover this little emergency because this DOES qualify as an emergency n'est-ce pas? I'm STILL having a NO SPEND month because EMERGENCIES don't count, right Carla?  


Anonymous said...

Emergencies do not count so I think your still good. But I am kinda jealous that you went to Carlas and didnt come see me. I mean I know I am in philly and its kinda far..but still...LOL

Johanna said...

Murphy paid us a visit too :) van is going to cost us $2,000 plus tax to put back on the road. Sigh. Yes this is why we have an emerg fund and I'm grateful I have enough to cover that with no worries but it still sucks to have to pay it.

Little Lamb said...

Oh noes! This stinks! Totally doesn't count as spending! Hot water and heat are needs! :)

I hear you about the tight waistband...although not the back pain. But Christmas candy was too plentiful this year! I'm signing up for a weight loss challenge to help that problem. :)

Jolie said...

OH a broken water heater is no fun at all. It's amazing how much water they can hold. One doesn't think about that until it is alllll over the floor. Glad you had money in your EF for it!!

~Carla~ said...

Ugh! The question I have for you is, why would you go & invite Murphy over during a "no-spend" month?!? ;) lol!

Anonymous said...

oh no, what a royal pain! Hot water tanks are sneaky little devils; you never discover their issues until it is too late.
Here's to a dry basement!
And looking forward to yurt pics!

Suzy said...

sounds like an emergency to me (and here I've sulked for 2 hours over having to pay $29.99 for a library book I let diet coke spill on..still think that sucker is perfectly readable but oh well.. in perspective yours is far far far superior!)

Debby said...

Don't you love your EF for when things pop up!! You wll be back on track in a day or two, hope you can rest your back tonight

Sharon said...

Bummer Jane. Plain old bummer. I hate that for you!

Anyway the NO SPEND challenge is guided by YOUR rules, remember?? :)!

Hope your back is feeling better soon!!!

Jane said...

@ Judy - I'm on my way!

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