Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat...Chit Chat January 8, 2012 Edition

Sunday Night chit chat is back!! Be sure to head over to check out the Chief of Chit Chat - the one and only Carla! Oh, and Carla? Thanks for the handy dandy template!!

My PEI homestead - I really really miss you!

What are you…  
Ha! Funnily enough I'm reading the book Carla loaned me and she's reading the book I passed on to her last week!
This book is a quick and absorbing read - I like the fact that she (like so many of us) learned about personal finance the hard way and developed a series of rules that enabled her to pay back over $100,000 of personal debt and get back on track with her life and future goals.  I'll tell you more about it when I'm finished.
 We started watching this last night but I couldn't stay awake - so I'll finish it tonight...maybe:)
Listening to?  
I'm listening to the ocean with a Toskana overlay which seems to be a few different jungle-type birds chirping - very relaxing indeed! I'm quite taken with this free app!
Nothing today but yesterday I made up a big batch of chili made with ground chicken so my daughter will eat it (she doesn't eat red meat) plus a big pot of vegetable soup to have for my lunch this week at school. I also cooked some salmon for myself as I'm...ahem...eating fish as part of my attempt to lose 10 pounds.  
Happy you accomplished this week?  
SOOOOOOOOO friggin' happy to have cleaned up the basement after The Flood!
The dastardly hot water tank!
Also happy that the Christmas decorations are put away except for the bare tree which I really hope will have disappeared by the time I get home tomorrow...right honey?
Looking forward to next week?  
I am looking forward to getting back in routine, believe it or not! 
Thankful for today?  
Today I am thankful that Michael and I got to go for a walk in Springbank Park and have a good heart to heart chat and watch the sun setting over the Thames River.  I'm thankful that my partner is also my best friend:)
Sunset behind our house in PEI
Good night all! Hope you had a peaceful and relaxing Sunday!


~Carla~ said...

Glad you're enjoying the book, and I see you're watching my yummy Johnny in action! He's my next husband... ;) Just so you know... lol!

LOVE the photo from PEI! Gorgeous!! No matter you miss it!!

Money Pincher said...

Wow the sunset behind your house in PEI is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

jpkittie said...

cute! love your bare tree "right honey?" reference!

Have a great week!

Jane said...

@Carla - sorry Carla - I hear Johnny likes older women:)
@Money Pincher - welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! The funny thing about that sunset is I was on the front porch checking out a double rainbow oblivious to the sunset going on behind the house - luckily Michael was out and about with the camera and got some amazing shots!
@jp - it's gone! The tree is gone!