Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Post for 2011: THE MEANING OF LIFE!!

Random picture of icicles taken on a walk last week.
This seems to be the year of the icicles.  I really don't understand physics very well as I wonder how the weight of those icicles haven't caused them to fall crashing to the ground!  Don't you love the almost perfect circle made by the sagging icicles?

But I digress...on to the MEANING OF LIFE!! If you know what the MEANING OF LIFE is, please post answer in the comments section.

Just kidding...

I read a lot of blogs every day (see sidebar and this isn't even all of them) and there has been a similar thread over the past week - everyone is feeling very OPTIMISTIC about the coming year - 2011. It seems to be a somewhat magical number as Jolie pointed out today in her post.
I read a lot of daily motivational books and I think I have found the answer to the general feeling of OPTIMISM. Consider the following for January 2nd from Robin Sharma's book called "Daily Inspiration" - from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

"Purpose is the most valuable motivator in the world. The secret of passion is truly purpose."

Each of us is feeling such a sense of purpose for the coming year are we not? Whether it be paying off a debt such as a credit card like Niki or moving to a new home like Lisa every one of us is passionately driven to fulfill our goals in 2011. AND we are so excited about doing so.

Could this be the meaning of life? To have a sense of purpose and go about being purposeful in a passionate way?

Tell me, what do YOU feel passionate about?

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Niki said...

I agree that having a purpose or goal does make life seem less hectic. I hope to keep this excitement throughout the year. It won't be easy but I am looking forward to it.

We had some crazy icicles, but the last couple days have been warm, by warm I mean 40, and they were falling off, it sounded and flt like a truck hitting the house.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!
Those are some incredible icicles - I've never seen the like!
As for passion, I find that over the years, mine has ebbed and flowed, even disappeared at times, and most certainly changed as I have changed.
I hope to discover a new passion at some point in my journey- something that will inspire and challenge me. Right now, though, I'm happy to plod through my days, in a haze of contentment, lol.

Sharon said...

First of all, I love icicles. We get very few around here, but I think they are beautiful...thanks for sharing.

Meaning of life? Hmmmmm...the one thing that I've discovered over the years is that there are a few things that are important to happiness in life (perhaps the same as meaning?), and that is having someone to love, the love of someone else, being in nature, and of course, purpose for being here, as you mentioned. I believe we are all here for a reason, and for most of us, it takes our whole lives to figure that out.

I love reading your blog too!!

Anonymous said...

All of our snow is almost GONE!!! However it's been lightly snowing all day again... the last 2 days have been so mild.. but i'll take it! ;) lol!!

I'm passionate about my family, friends, & living well & happy! It's what life is about right?

Anonymous said...

What a great quote!

I feel passionate about living my life on my own terms and this gives me a sense of purpose...getting debt free, moving abroad, it's all part of the purposeful journey.

Maureen said...

For me it is definitely the purpose. But then I am also a pretty competative person, and want to do well for that reason. Because this is only about my wages I cant put away the amounts that I see you girls adding to savings and debts. But just being in charge again is giving me such a high.

Love to read your blog and follow your journey to Crofters Lane, keep up the good work.

cassie said...

wow, crazy icicles! we haven't even really had snow here yet - wow!

as for my passion.. i am very passionate about saving money and living a life free of debt. there's not much worse than owing someone else money!

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

Hi Jane!!

I love clicking on your blog to see what new pictures you have up! The icicles are beautiful. The only place I see icicles here is in my freezer :)

Yes, I am on a mission to move to a new home, and I am confident that it will happen very soon. We have to put our goals into motion to see results, and you have inspired me and motivated me to pursue my goals now.... not to wait until I am retired. This whole process has been very exciting and rewarding! (thanks for the link!)

jpkittie said...

meaning of life for me ~ just the smiles that I am able to produce on peoples faces - especially dh & dd... that makes everything worth it. everything else is small change... including debt.. I am not going to let it run my life ;) living for me remember, and that includes my daughter & husband