Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Hokay...I just spent two hours reconciling MY records to the BANK's records because I couldn't get the two to jive and so have lost precious pedalling time and likely gained a pound instead of losing one!!  %7$k#fz*%2@!!

Big sigh....okay....calming down now...why oh why do I put myself through such torture three quarters of the way, more like four fifths, but who's splitting hairs here...oh yeah...ME!! of the way through a month instead of waiting til the end of the month when everything is credited and debited to the account and I have wee little numbers to work with...huh?  If you just followed that line of thought then you must do exactly the same thing!!

So I just drove myself nuts for no perfectly good reason. I forgot that I had made a lot of fancy calculations (errors) but had already manipulated (corrected) them and thus could have saved myself...oh let's see...TWO HOURS AND ONE POUND if I had just waited until the end of the month.

Too hard on myself?? Not in the least - I hope I have taught myself a very good lesson - and that is - WAIT ALREADY!! But then, I have adult ADD, so there you go.

I'm off to pedal twice as far, twice as fast!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. It's a good thing I can type about 120 words a minute because that's how fast my fingers are going right now!!


Sharon said... that really your bank statement? You had a lot of money pass through! :)!

Congrats on keeping up with the exercise! Hopefully I'll start sometime soon!

Johanna said...

LOL I do bank recs as part of my job. For my own I use quicken and reconcile it every day or so.
Happy peddling :)

Maureen said...

Gosh if that is really yours it looks a bit to complicated for me. Off now to use my Abacus........

laura@move to portugal said...

This is the reason I have very few transactions going through our account...and why I moved the payments dates on all our direct debits...I have issues lol!!

The Borrower said...

How sad is it, if I completely understand what your going through? Hahaha

I keep personal stuff in Quicken and check accounts like an adult with ADD, fearing the stolen identity or miscalculation that sends me in a tails spin. The good thing about Quicken is I can clear a transaction, before I reconcile it. All month as payments and deposits clear online, I clear them on my software. I can see at a glance whats outstanding and if my balance is where it should be.

Hope you had a successful bike ride. Possibly you burned that pound with frustration and worry. :)

Jane said...

Howdy all - nope that photo isn't my bank reconciliation. I'd be embarrassed to show you mine! I do it on my computer and print it off then scribble all over it.