Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday's Nature Walk = Monday's Photos

I think of all the places Michael and I go hiking, Coldstream is THE most beautiful in the wintertime; especially after a fresh snowfall.
It was pretty cold yesterday, but the fearless photographers
must be ready to "snap" whatever the weather.

Come and walk with us.....

Except for a few streaks of pure white clouds the sky
is a brilliant blue.

Reflections in the stream are crystal clear today.

One fearless photographer!
Come on, follow me!

Ooooooooooooooh, take a peek through here!

Looking back at the fallen tree.

We have to cross the bridge - watch out for trolls!

Sometimes the shadows create a beauty of their own.

Walk out on this ice if you want to find out why
it's called "Coldstream!"

View from the bridge - you better get a shot of this!

Oh no! A troll!....woops, that's only Michael:)

A perfect mirror image.

Don't walk on this ice!

Entering the cedar swamplands.
Stay on the boardwalk!

Here I am, waving at you! Are you having fun yet?

My favourite photo today. Why does it make me think
of Valentine's Day?

What's real and what's a reflection?

Taking a picture of my reflection in Michael's sunglasses:)

Almost finished - one more bridge to cross!

Couldn't resist a diamond-shaped frame:)
Ok, let's get back in the car and thaw out my frozen
fingers and toes. It's only -8c but it feels colder
for some reason. Must be the breeze.
Time to go home and have a hot tea.
I wonder where we'll go next Sunday?


Johanna said...

It was a great weekend for getting out. Lovely pictures

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!


Kim said...

Great shots!

You are lucky to have such a beautiful place to escape to. Funny how nature lovers always suss out all the best spots!

Niki said...

It is so pretty. Glad you are enjoying the cold, I am suck of it. Even if it pretty

Sharon said...

You are right. This place is absolutely stunning! Thanks for going out into the cold to share these beautiful pics! :)!