Friday, December 31, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year from my computer to yours!!

I have a wish for you in 2011. Or maybe I should call it a challenge.
As I made a list of things I want to do for myself next year
I thought I should call 2011
 "The Year I Look After Myself."
I have a list of things I want to do for myself - things I should be doing already but don't take the time to do. Does anyone else have
health benefits they don't take advantage of?
Well I sure do.
I have coverage for massage therapy and naturopathy (among other things) that I don't use. Why not you ask? Because I spend most of
my time looking after other people and don't treat myself as
well as I treat other people.  Silly eh?
But very common among women.
Does anyone have any health concerns they've put off taking care of?
I have.
No more putting things off, no more making excuses, no more
putting ourselves last.
We might have to schedule things in our planners
if you use one like I do...or that calendar on the fridge.
Right now (well after typing this) I am walking over to the
fridge and I am going to mark a few things in it for January.
I am going to write down "bubblebath by candlelight"
and "call massage therapist" and a few
other items like "go hiking"
and watch The Comedy Network and
read that book that's gathering dust on top of
the rest of the books you want to read.
Start that journal you've been wanting to keep.
That's one I'm starting tomorrow.
Michael and I each bought ourselves (50% off at Chapters!! and it was the last $15 in my wallet other than the $10 I put in the Crofters Lane Jar)
a journal book called "The Sacred Journey - Daily Journal for Your Soul"
I'll tell you more about it once we get writing:)

So I hope I've struck a nerve with some of you.
When you get right down to it no one is more important than YOU!
Will you join my challenge?



  1. Happy New Years, Jane!!! :) It sounds like a wonderful plan! My "me time" will be picking up a new craft this year, i'm lucky to get that time in for myself a couple times a week... lol! One day right? ;)

  2. Happy New Year's sister dear: I have only kept what is left of my sanity by keeping some sort of diary since 1988..after all there are just some things you can't tell anyone..I am learning to knit better this year. I promise myself to learn to knit socks..then I have a pattern for a huge quilted bag I picked up in O'Leary the day we couldn't find your that will be another project..writing is healing, that's why I write my memoirs..all the L.Dee p.s. "Look after yourself, you are worth it!"

  3. Hello Love!!!! Happy New Year's to you!!!! Be safe & Happy!

    Me Time - I have it going on my calendar too! I have noticed that I have been so busy with DDs school that I haven't gotten to do the things that I wanted to do this year. Even just the simple things like cleaning out the linen closet (this will make me feel so much better when I get to it) Also - I would love to sit down and read for myself while dd is in school or even watch a show! This year I am vowing to spend more time on me. You are right, I can't be a good mom or wife if I am not taking care of myself!!!! :)

    Love ya!

  4. This was my year for going to the doctor and the dentist like I should have all along, so I'll give myself a pat on the back for that. Always looking for things to improve, though, so I'll get started thinking about that. Because I can't stand the cold, I take a long soaking bath every night from about Oct.-March so I'm about to do that now, and it's where I do my best thinking.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

    Your blog always has the best pictures, by the way... it's total eye candy!

  5. Jane,
    Oh my, you know you've struck a nerve with me on this one! I have eight PT sessions scheduled for January. I will also schedule a cut and color on my hair, a physical, a mammogram, a pedicure and manicure, AND time to finish the book I bought in December. ALL FOR ME!!! :)! So, I'm definitely up for this challenge!

  6. Jane,
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I too have made a list of want to do things just for ME!
    And I plan on doing one starting today. I'm going to just sit around and read all those glossy magazines which I got from the library drop off box so I can re-gift them back.
    Turn on the fireplace and sip some nice red wine I received for Christmas.
    It's a start to a NEW YEAR!

  7. Great plans Jane! Me time: lose [more] weight and get my iron deficiency issues sorted :)

    Happy New Years!!

  8. Half-dozen daily - I will be waiting to see what new craft you pick up this year, btw your cards are amazing!

    Lannie: knit socks?? maybe knit some long underwear too! That outdoor wood furnace is an interesting idea, am looking into that and a variety of other options. Have fun with Carol!

    jpkittie: that's the attitude! The better we look after ourselves the better mother, wife etc we can be. It seems so simple aconcept but hard to implement for some strange reason.

    444: I'm giving you a pat on the back too for taking good care of yourself. (I have the dentist on Tuesday - yuck!!) Thanks re my photos - I put a lot of effort into them!

    Sharon: I did think of you when I was writing this so I am so glad you responded! Looks like you've been hard at work on your personal goals so good for YOU Sharon! Well done!

    Witch: Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned:) I love being cosy inside on a wet and woolly day like today - enjoy!

  9. I feel I already do a lot of things for myself (I'm single and don't have kids, so I pretty much focus on myself!!) but I can always do more. I rarely wear make-up or wear nail polish, and sometimes I go too long without waxing my eyebrows or shaving my legs, so it's stuff to work on in 2011!!

    Happy New Year to you too Jane!!

  10. happy new year! I've thought about journaling(the purpose of my blog LOL!) but just keep falling by the wayside.

    I'll need to take care of myself this year - my mom's not doing well and they think it's one of the worse brain cancers and aren't optimistic anything will work. It's gonna be hard to deal with myself with all this going on but I know I need to.


  11. I love the picture in your header, looks peaceful. I don't normally make new years resolutions but I'm going to try to make time to take more nature walks. They are a key factor in maintaining balance for myself. Happy New Year.

  12. HI Jane -- Best of luck on your list of items! I decided to do something new and focus on experiences. Places to visit, people to meet, books to read, beaches to walk, blogs to read...

    A new decade -- and we can blog about it to our heart's content!


  13. Jane I wrote heaps last night regarding your post, but it seems to have gotten lost. So I,ll cut it back to yes I am going to be fitting in a lot more me time this year.

    Glad to see the rest of the girls are going along with this plan.


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