Thursday, January 27, 2011

TGIF (in 6.5 hours to be exact:)
I'm not sure why, but I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday...moreso than usual. It's been one of those weeks. It started off well and then it was all downhill from there.

The bad news:
  • even though my daughter promised she'd text me if she was going to stay at her friend's last night I again woke to find her bed empty and NO message. She and I will be having another heart to heart talk when she finally makes an appearance. (I called her and called her at 6am this morning, and then texted her. Eventually she texted to let me know she was sleeping at her friend's house. So not impressed!
  • had Cora in twice this week for what thankfully turned out to be minor repairs (so I guess that's both BAD and GOOD news
  • after my emotional upset this morning I proceeded to eat candy (winegums) which strangely enough doesn't register too well in the ol' food diary
  • am on my second glass of red wine (at this point that could be considered good news)
  • the extra $$ I didn't spend from gas and groceries and misc that was going to go for extra debt repayment is going to Cora repairs instead (again I guess that could be considered good news that I had the $$ available)
  • 2 of my educational assistants let it be known that they want an easier schedule for next semester - to that I say - BITE ME! We have no "easy" students. They are who they are - I think if you work in the area of special education you would understand that and not be looking to sit around all day working on a crossword puzzle!
"OK" she says taking a sip of wine and a deep breath..."time for the good news"...
  • the two repairs to Cora cost $46 and $56 respectively, not too bad eh?; the first was to replace the thingamajiggy that the washer fluid comes out of to clean your windshield - it snapped in half in the -24c freeze-up we had over the last week; the second was to the rear brake drums to fix a little squealing sound. Can I just give a shout-out to Harry's Automotive Centre on Adelaide at Huron St. in London, ON for honest and reasonable repairs? I appreciate how  you never do unauthorized work and you tell me what really needs to be done and the least expensive way to do it.
  • Raised my EF from $830 to $1300 :)
  • Spent only $300 on groceries this month; usually spend $450 - $500 - love it!! (the extra helped pay for the car repairs - yippee!
  • so far during exam week (started yesterday) I have completed my report cards, updated my students' IEP's and completed the schedules for my 6 educational assistants for the coming semester (and no one has an "easy" schedule!)
  • had 2 lovely bottles of red wine leftover from Christmas :)
  • have a partner who is a life coach who helped me through my crisis this morning with DD and gave me suggestions on how to best deal with the situation - gotta love that man!
The final financials for January will be coming Monday so will NOT do my usual Weekly Wrap tomorrow. I might just do a review on the two movies we plan to see tomorrow: "The Rite" with Anthony Hopkins and "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth. Yes, I do love those British actors! I am leaving work around 12 noon tomorrow because I CAN!! and we are going to two matinees at our local Rainbow Theatre which will only cost us about $12. I might even spring for POPCORN! Hey  - it's got fibre:)

Thanks for listening...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear what a week you've had....deep breathes..and wine :)

{I hear you on the daughters; I'm thinking of launching my seventeen year old into outer space...not really...but they do have their moments these children!

The Borrower said...

Now that is an eventful week. An honest mechanic should never be taken for granted. We have a fabulously honest man and I hear so many stories from others and constantly refer our guy. He even has done repairs for us at cost, when times were tight. This keeps me loyal.

I am shocked with the gals wanting an "easier" load. I would never, ever think of asking that. Maybe they are not living their bliss. Your job (theirs too) is one that requires you carry a passion for what you do.
Yay to red wine ! And with your daughter, I have lived through this will get better. I promise.

Sharon said...

Oh I feel your pain. I hate to worry, and it doesn't take much for me to get myself all worked up. (Prime example..hubby taking 5 1/2 hours to get home in a snow storm!) But when it comes to the kids, gosh, I would need to take some of my precious Valium.

Of course, red wine works too. Glad you had it on hand for just such an occasion.

I'm doing my January Money Wrap-Up on Sunday, right after I get the figure of how much my car will be to repair. I'm hoping I can get away with what Cora cost too!

Sounds like a great time tomorrow afternoon..I love going to the movies...and I think you should swing for popcorn! Why not?

Have a great Friday!! :)!

444 said...

Yay on the reduced grocery spending!
Sorry about the Cora repairs.
Yay that the reduced grocery spending took care of it, so that it was relatively "painless"!
Yay for leftover wine!

I was under the weather so much in the last month due to wisdom tooth recovery, which was not completely smooth, that I have lots of Guinness/Smithwick's stocked in the fridge. It's expensive so that's a financial win!

About the "kids..." It must be their age. Jr. 444-18 is at college and when he feels like calling in to say good night or to apprise us of his every move, he does so. But then when we call and text and e-mail and hear no response for an evening, a night, and part of the next day, like through 1PM when any normal person should be awake, he acts OH SO CASUAL about the fact that he simply didn't check his phone for messages or texts. Hmm... Was I that way at that age? I'm guessing: Worse.

My mom asked that I simply tell her when I'd be in, no matter how late. "Will it be midnight?" "Later." "1?" "Probably later." "2? 3?" "I don't know, I guess I'd say 4." "OK, then, just so I know." Moms - they just want to know when to worry - first it was our moms and now it's US doing the worrying.

Anonymous said...

I started reading when I was distracted(at work!) and missed the part where you said 'tomorrow' is Friday and thought you were writing this at work on your 2nd glass of wine LOL! hoo boy!

your daughter won't understand til she has a young adult daughter of her own.

sounds like you did ok - I was complaining last year about my savings going for dog surgery, a/c repairs, etc and someone told me to be glad I had the savings to pay for them..guess they had a point but i was still a bit ticked I had to waste my savings on that kinda stuff!


Marguerite said...

love love love a good British drama. Have you seen Downton Abbey? (plays here on Sat nights, PBS) My new favourite tv show. It feels like a mini movie every week. and it costs nothing to stay at home and watch tv!

Maureen said...

My word Jane what a week you,ve had.
I.m a bit late catching up so it.s all behind you now, and maybe you,re on too your second bottle of red by now LoL

My little Betty got bashed this week, while she was sitting outside my work, and nobody claimed responsibility She is a little old lady who badly needs a complete makeover ( a bit like her owner ) but like Cora I would be lost without her.

Whats with the lazy pair you work with are they youngsters, always found you get a better tune from an old violin.