Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Too Busy Watching Hockey History Being Made :) Hey, I'm Canadian - it's in our Blood!

Canada winning Gold in 2008

Gotta support our boys!! Right now they're winning 2-0 after one period:):):) Since the first period is over I have a few minutes to type.

Today was an exciting day - for the first time ever I own prescription sunglasses:) No more cheap clip-ons that don't fit your regular glasses even in your wildest imagination, no more squinting while driving on a sunny day so I'm happy happy happy! Cost? $152.00 with all the anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings galore. My benefits used to cover $200 every 24 months which with my progressive invisible bi-focals was a mere drop in the bucket but recently they upped that to $400 every 24 months. I had my eye exam in December (I passed) and my eyes hadn't changed. So I kept my regular glasses and put the $400 towards the sunglasses. 

Oh yes, AND my insurance company now covers the cost of the exam too so I saved the $94.00 I had put aside back in December's budget which helped me cover my shopping spree:)

Did anybody see Deepak Chopra on Dr. Oz today?? What do you think about him? Personally, I thought what he had to say was inspiring and relevant. I think I'm a fan.


Anonymous said...

I have vision insurance through work and still paid pretty close to $500 for a new pair of glasses and to replace the lenses in my current frames with a reading prescription! My vision is changing unfortunately - my left eye is very weak and both eyes have a very strong prescription - even the ultra lite lenses are thick! But found out my insurance pays for lenses every year and frames/lenses every other year so at my exam Friday($10 copay) I ordered the lenses then went back today to get the new pair with the progressives that are supposed to darken to sunglasses outside. SO tired of being blinded with the sun!


Maureen said...

No Jane I did,nt see him, but the last time I did catch him on air I thought he seemed like someone who could teach you a lot, a very inspirational man.

Lanniedee said...

Hi sis: we don't get TSN so went over to watch with someone who does..thought they had it after the second period but all went wrong in the third. Jim was so upset.I woke up in the night thinking about it and thought: "don't want to go there again!" Next year, there's always next year! I stopped watching Dr. Oz, I'd be going to a doctor everyday if I listened to him :)love L.Dee

babybluewater said...

Didn't see Dr. Oz, but the show is great! Enjoy your new sunglasses :) I have a pair and they're wonderful! Well worth the cost. Happy New Year.

Sharon said...

Didn't see him either, but I've tried to read his books...they are a bit over my head.

Great news on the glasses! I would love a pair of sunglasses too!

Anonymous said...

You have pretty good coverage! Awesome that you could apply it all towards the sunglasses!! The clip-ons would be a pain in the butt I can imagine!!

I don't really watch tv, so didn't see him.

Bummer on Canada losing though.. i couldn't believe when I heard! UGH!!! :|