Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Walk Around the Dorchester Mill Pond

Michael walking on the ice covering the mill pond. Locals said it was 12 inches thick. If that was true then why in some places was there no ice at all?? 
  P.S. I stayed OFF the ice - call me chicken if you want - it won't bother me!

Around these parts people go ice fishing with a tent, perhaps a propane heater like those guys on the left, or just with a lawnchair like the guy on the right. It was -17c with a light windchill but the sun was shining brightly. Our walk was in the shade on one side of the millpond and in the sun on the other. The sun definitely made me feel warmer!

Of course there were the usual areas cleared off for pond hockey:)
Can't take the "Canadian" out of the boy!!

Worshipping the sun god!

Shoulda brought our crazy carpets!

I'll have me some blue sky, straight up.

Ice crystals on top of the pond.

And oh yeah, you can't take the boy out of the boy:)

Hurry up wouldja? There a Starbucks coffee calling my name!

This is what kept me waiting....on second thought, take your time!

It takes a special breed of man to sit for hours over a little hole in the ice while sitting
in a lawn chair in -24 (windchill added in) weather.

The millpond was created by a dam - this is looking down off the bridge
on the other side of the dam.
And now it's time to head to Starbucks and warm up.
Don't fret...I'm using my Starbucks gift card :)


  1. I'm totally enjoying your blog and have to say that you are one tremendous photographer, too.

  2. Indeed it is a special breed of man to sit in the open cold for hours waiting on a fish - crazy perhaps? :) Looks like you had a beautiful walk.

  3. Jane you make the extreme cold conditions look like fun. I don.t remember that side of it at all, I only remember toes and fingers so cold you felt like crying, cars with frozen locks, and mornings so cold getting up and going out were chores. Especially on a school morning LoL

    So well done on painting a beautiful picture.

  4. Lovely photos Jane. It looks like you guys had a great time.

  5. Love the ice crystals shot!

    Those fisherman are probably content with their lot in life, lol. A trout on the line would just be icing on the cake!

  6. Gorgeous photos'!! Makes me wish I enjoyed the cold.. LOL!!! I tend to hibernate for the winter.. *blush*

  7. that poor special breed of man might've been frozen like that!
    man-now a new worry for me other than how to know if the ice is thick enough to walk on - how do you know you're even ON ice when it's covered with snow?! I couldn't tell that was a pond til you said so!


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