Monday, January 10, 2011

Scenes from Sunday's (FREE) Walk

Michael walking ahead.

Walking through a winter wonderland.

Snow-capped berries

Still snowing!

Still dancing!

Heavy load for a leaf!

Find the perfect snowflake!

Frozen lake

Year round beauty

My one artsy shot:)

Stark landscape

This tree's a pushover!

Rocking the new sunglasses!


Here we are! Cheers!

Happy winter everyone! Get outside and enjoy the weather!


Johanna said...

Awesome!!!! I love your pictures and artsy one is really cool. It's so wonderful to get out and about in the weather.

The Borrower said...

Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing. We have no snow, but expect some tonight and tomorrow!

Sharon said...

The snow looks beautiful! And I adore your new shades! :)!

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute together!

Nice shots. Almost makes me like winter, lol.

Maureen said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful scenery.
Unfortunately going outside is out of the question for us right now due to extreme flooding and storm warnings. And on the other side of this great continent there are forest fires. Makes no sense.

Niki said...

I found the perfect snowflake, what a cool picture.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics! I need to plan a trip where there's some snow!stupid question: how can you tell if a lake is frozen enough to walk on?!is it something those up north ust sorta learn or is there something to look for?I'd be afraid I'd fall or slip and slide across the whole lake!


444 said...

Thanks for the snow pictures. The colorful new theme is fine, but I was missing the snowy landscapes and smiling faces outdoor in the winter.

We haven't had enough snow here yet this year. Last year we had the mammoth blizzards and this year, just a few dustings. So I have to get my snow fix somewhere, and it's here on this blog!

laura said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. You both look so happy!

We went for a free walk last weekend, no snow though! Pics on my flickr page :)

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

The pictures are beautiful! I love the "snowflake" picture, you can easily find the perfect snowflake.

Thanks for sharing a little winter joy and beauty with us.

Jane said...

Susanna: I have no idea how people know if the ice is thick enough to walk on but you'll never ever get me to walk on a frozen lake due to my fear of water - I'd be SO afraid of falling through. But that's an interesting question! I'll see what I can find out.