Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael

A Year in the Life of Michael
 A year ago at the London Wine and Food Show
Michael is....years old!
He loves to try different foods a lover of fine wines!

Exactly one year ago - Happy 53rd!
Micael loves.....icecream cake!
Words to describe Michael:
(he gave this painting to friends who own
Jambalaya restaurant)

You've got the beat!!

Michael in a contemplative moment...

Michael loves to....cook!
and eat outside near the campfire

Michael loves his kite!
and now we have the most spectacular kite-flying
location of all time!

Michael loves......a challenge!
Yes, he made it to the other side:)

Michael be outdoors!

Michael is.....finding his way...

Michael is so very appreciative of nature's beauty...

Michael loves to encourage living things to grow.

Michael transplanting baby trees from our forest.
He enjoys working hard, especially outside!

Michael take photographs
and explore new places.

Michael loves....sunshine.
Catching some warm rays at Gahan's..
Charlottetown, PEI
Also home of the best fish and chips ever!

Michael...getting to know our new home
on the Island!

No stove? No problem!
Michael open fire!

Michael equipment!!
Learning another skill for the Island:)

Michael - the Badass Buddha!

Michael loves....the beach!
NorthPort, PEI

Michael is.......spiritual...
finding the perfect spot
for meditation.

Michael loves.........icecream!!
I mean he REALLY loves icecream,
especially and almost exclusively
Pralines and Cream!
(COWS icecream, based in Charlottetown, PEI
very good, very expensive!)

Michael loves.....adventure!
On our way to PEI!!
(No, not by canoe:)



Johanna said...

What a beautiful tribute. It sounds like he is a wonderful guy to have around. Happy Birthday Michael. I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled day.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful tribute! Happy Birthday Michael!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Absolutely love it!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Michael

I feel as if I know you now that Jane has described you in such detail. Heres to another 54

The Witch said...

Wow, this was just awesome. What a beautiful way to describe your partner and the love you have towards him.
Happy Birthday Michael!!!
You just can't beat the Gahan's House and Cows. Know wonder Michael is smiling.