Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eech, Ouch - My Knees Hurt!

My knees :(

The battle of the knees begins. Good thing I have a Costco-sized bottle of ibuprofin 'cause I'm gonna need it to keep me going on my trek to Alberton, PEI. I've adjusted my sidebar to show the total kms I've pedalled so far, (227)including how many are still ahead of me. (1675) At the end of two weeks I am 77kms ahead of schedule:) Hmmmmm...maybe I've been overdoing it just a wee bit..

Hopefully I can get the pain under control. It wouldn't surprise me if it was because of not changing out of my Uggs yesterday into my heavy duty stabilizing running shoes for my 25km ride. Silly me, I should know better, I DO know better! My recreational weekly volleyball game starts back up tomorrow night and I find that it is hard on my knees too - quick starts and stops, quick knee swivels to reach a ball, falling to my knees to bump up a served ball - it all takes its toll but it's so much fun! 

Meh - I'm tough, I can take it...I'm just a baby in an old lady's body, can't let that get in my way:) Is it just coincidence that the pain in my knees happened the same day as the most $$ this month exited my account?? I think NOT!! Misery loves company! The tally for yesterday amounts to almost $1500.00!! Yikes!!

The breakdown includes: $725 towards debt, $171 to cable/internet/home phone, $503 to savings (emerg, Christmas & RSP), $55 for food and $30 for gas. Had a good laugh today - opened mail from ING to find out I've been preapproved for a $10,000.00 RSP loan - YAY ME! However, I don't NEED A LOAN!! as by Feb. 28th I will have contributed my maximum through bi-monthly transfers. The days of me borrowing to finance my RSP are long gone and that is one accomplishment I've very proud of.

How's your week going??

P.S. Michael really enjoyed his day yesterday and we ALL enjoyed his Skor Treatza Pizza from DQ:)


  1. Hope your knee feels better!
    Congrats on not needing a loan, that is a good feeling.

  2. ouch! I'm a baby when it comes to pain! Hope your knees feel better and be careful with the ibuprofen - I think it can cause tummy bleeding or something(seems like everything causes something nowadays!)

    my week's just going one day at a time. my mom started radiation/chemo today and the doctor this week wasn't optimistic - got reports from 20 to 60% 2 yr survival rate(and usually they're 1 - 1 1/2 yrs along when it's finally diagnosed). I'm just tired. Work is hectic but I'm trying to watch my eating as I'm able and exercise. Walk It Out for Wii has rhythm island where you walk and click to build up the town and ranch,etc so it's a bit of an escape for me. having to work some overtime due to being short a person. The money is good but making me feel guilty for not being up there with my parents.

    hey I see what you meant about the cable/phone/internet jumping up this month! yikes! Good for you paying down the debt - I've also noticed that with no debt(I try to pay the card off each month) that I keep getting all these offers. I'm hoping to find some time to refinance my townhome for 15 yrs at a lower rate but so much going on right now I've been avoiding it. I'm still working on paying off the car loan early though. I set an aggressive goal of June but I'm under$10,000 on it and should have a tax refund around $1200 or so and some overtime plus lowering my 401k contribution. I want to raise my 401k back up though by June so regardless if the car loan is paid or not I'm upping back to 15% at least by June and can take out savings if I have enough to finish up the car loan then put that payment towards savings.


  3. Jane, be careful with your knees.it can be really painful if you injure them..

    $1500 wasn't too bad when you consider $1200 went to savings and debt repayment! It sounded like a good week!

    Glad Michael had a great birthday!

  4. well I hope your knees feel better!!!

    so glad you liked your treat from DQ - that sure does sound good right now :)

    good job on the RSP ;)

  5. Knees will get you every time!

    Kudos to your biking diligence - I am impressed!

  6. I would love to get to the point of maxing out my RRSP contributions. One day it will happen.
    Congrats to you on NOT having to finance your RSP!
    Be kinde to your knees dear, you'll want them to hold you up for a very long time. :)

  7. well done with the cycling! my DH is a mad keen, daily, cyclist, he said try and ride in an easier gear so there is the least pressure on your knees.

  8. Jane please look after those knees, i used to run and after years of pounding pavements my knees are completely shot, and even stepping the wrong way into a pebble can cause me days of agony, take care.

    Turning down credit, way to go girl.

  9. Thank you all for your advice and support. I think a lower gear for now is a good idea - thanks Louise.
    And re No Spend February - that was one thing I didn't think of Maureen - Michael can take ME to a movie with his movie card!! I like the way you think lol!!
    Susanna - I continue to pray for you and your parents - I hope mom doesn't suffer too much bad effects from chemo and radiation.


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