Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling tra la la la la la!

Poor Richard Sifkitz. While riding his stationary bike to lose weight he starts to disappear into the strange mural he painted on his wall depicting the microscopic men at work clearing out his hardening arteries. Who woulda thought?

Me, I'm only staring at my map of Canada wondering how far I've gotten in my journey from London to Alberton, PE. How dull am I?So far over the past 11 days I've pedalled 157km (97.6 miles)which brings me to lovely Mississauga - I'm almost in the city of Toronto!!

I've pledged to ride 15km per day, 5 days a week for a total of 75km per week. I've already surpassed that goal by 7km and I've got 3 more days in the first 2 weeks to ride, ride, ride, let it ride:) My goal now is to stay the course. I'm notorious for starting off all gungho but losing steam (getting bored)part way through.

One thing that keeps me going is thinking about Michael and I cycling the 470km Confederation Trail in PEI from Tignish to 

We plan to pack light, spend the nights in B&Bs and take lots and lots of photos along the way:)

First the island, then....the WORLD bwahahaha!!


Anonymous said...

You're doing awesome, Jane!! I'm rooting for ya! :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! I have the same problem with being gung-ho then fizzling! :-(

Today I wasn't able to do my wii Walk It Out so brought a couple of Leslie Sansone dvds to work in case it slows down - I can use my laptop in one of the offices. I used to feel better when I got in some exercise on nights and weekends so thought I'd try it again.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan!
My dad and his wife have cycled the trail tip to tip, as well as various portions at random.
Keep on pedaling!

The Borrower said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip. I would love to do this with my husband. Of course, he would never slow down. We would have to race the distance - and then he would be left wondering why I had no fun. hahaha.

I just saw a treadmill last night on t.v. that lets you be somewhere else while you run. The guy was running in Paris, with views of the Eifel Tower - so cool.

Johanna said...

I came across this web site a few years ago

A few summers ago I was biking about 40 km two or three times a week. Last summer I didn't get out much. I will have to get the bike out this summer and get back at it.

You are doing great Jane.

Marguerite said...

Having driven across the country I can tell you it takes FOREVER to get across Ontario - hang in there. You're going to love the confederation trail. I've only done small portions but it's a wonderful way to spend the day.

Antie Eboo said...

I remember reading "The Stationary Bike". Great story!
You're doing great with your 'biking' goal. Maybe we readers can help keep you motivated when you hit the 'wall of boredom'.

Maureen said...

You are doing a great descriptive job of touring Canada, so well done you make a chore seem like fun.

But tell me quickly how does your bum feel, 2 minutes on my bike and I need some relief ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

hey when you finish that trip you can pedal from your house to mine(sw Houston Texas!) see how long that takes!


Jane said...

Borrower - thankfully Michael doesn't mind riding at MY pace - I have really good endurance but hate hills:)
Johanna - thanks for the website, I am going to check that out!
You're right on Marguerite - I've driven across Canada too and Ontario takes for bloody EVER! I think if the road was straightened out it would wrap around the world!!
Maureen - on my stationary bike I use a pillow and I have a gel seat cover for my regular bike lol! And I shift my position regularly. Still hurts though:)
Susanna - I might just take you up on that - I've never been to Texas lol!!

The Witch said...

The Confederation trail is a beautiful experience that everyone should do or try. I did find that the section from Alberton to Tignish was a little boring. Tignish does have a nice restaurant when you get there.
There is also specials to stay in the B&B's along the trail but you have to complete it in five days.
Sounds hard but it really isn't if you are in shape and willing to do it.

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Jane said...

Hi Weight Loss Pills: thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - appreciate it!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots said...

I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time.

Jane said...

Why thank you FL4I - I take that as a real compliment. Different is where its at for me, just ask my friends lol!
Welcome and thanks for commenting:) You've made my day!