Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Reality

Oh quit your whining!

Life is good. I've put in a full day's work, which wasn't too painful except for the getting up at 5:45am part, went grocery shopping to the tune of $108, rode my exercise bike for over an hour while watching Dr. Oz, wrote in my journal, balanced my books, and am now luxuriating in an episode of Princess which is followed by back to back episodes of Til Debt Do us Part (oh Gail, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...) inbetween watching our Canadian Jr. Hockey team beat the shin pads off the U.S. team!! OMG - make that 3-0 woo hoo!!  Going for GOLD!!!

Tell me, how could a Monday night be any better than this?

My only concern now that we are in the New Year is how much more I will be paying in payroll deductions as everything is going up, up, up this year. Which means my net pay will be going down, down, down. Well, we gotta pay for all of those bailouts somehow - spreading the pain. All those billions of dollars in make-work infrastructure projects the past two years to heat up the economy- it all has to be paid back sometime and I guess "sometime" just became NOW! I'll just grin and bear it I guess. Two things you can do nothing about - death and taxes.

Had a phonecall from Brent today - he's my student who was put into a group home in Petrolia a week before Christmas break because his dad had a breakdown. He's nervous because he has to start at a new highschool in Sarnia and has a meeting there tomorrow. He needed some reassurance. On the bright side he really likes the group home - says the girls are all over him! And he has a girlfriend (maybe more than one by the sounds of it lol)!

Also heard from the previous owner of my house in PEI. He keeps his eye on it for me and reported the loss of only one shingle after the past four storms - it's high and dry thankfully.

How is your week going so far??


444 said...

You got a LOT done today! And I will consider myself lucky that I only have to get up at 6:45. :op

We are addicted to "Til Debt Do Us Part." But we can only get old reruns from two years ago down here! I'm always afraid they're going to stop showing them.

We get two of them every Saturday night. Whenever one or both of them turns out to be one we've already seen, it's a total bummer! We look forward to it like it's movie night for us.

(What can I say - we like watching people get yelled at for their money mistakes and we like denigrating them - so we can feel better about ourselves! Cheap shot, I know.)

Sharon said...

You sure get alot done in one day! I was exhausted after getting up early this morning. I'm still fighting a cold, but soon I will be exercising too!

You sound like one awesome teacher! Students calling you? We need to clone you!

So, your home in PEI is all paid for? Wow, I wish I knew exactly where we are retiring to. We have an idea, but there is no way we can purchase a home and keep the one we have as well.

Has the snow melted a bit yet?

Maureen said...

5.45am thats a lie in for me LOL I start work at 6.00am. Went back to work today and already it feels as if I never had any time off.

As you say death and taxes, and wages never seem to close the gap, still due to our more frugal ways of living 2011 is still going to be the best ever.

Anonymous said...

my week's going one day at a time! It's gone badly as far as sticking to eating right. It's gone great as far as doing something relaxing for myself!(went to friend's family place in the boonies to relax with my dogs and visit)


Johanna said...

I had yesterday off. Back to work for me today. My kids don't go back to school till next week. You have amazing energy, the amount of stuff you accomplish in a day is phenomenal. Wish I had half that energy:) All I did yesterday was some house cleaning and made homemade seafood chowder.

Anonymous said...

Jane, perhaps you'd like to live with my young cat, Gus? He gets up at 4:45 a.m. every morning. I'm usually able to convince him to snuggle with me for another 30 - 45 minutes, but we're up about 5:20 a.m. every morning. It's amazing what you can get done when you get up that early!

I'm back at work too, although I wasn't really off too much over the holidays. I did manage to read two books in the last week, which is always an indicator that I'm relaxed, organized and ready to do almost anything!

Happy back to school to you1

The Borrower said...

Life does sound fabulous for you! It is so good that I feel the happiness reading your post. Which is great, spreading smiles around the US - even if you kill us in hockey. :)

I really need to find a good used stationary bike. I keep thinking it would be better to be on that watching my guilty pleasures than sitting on my lazy boy.

Marguerite said...

Fantastic to hear the house is safe and sound. We've got shingles all over the yard so you're doing quite well!

L,Dee said...

Hi Sis: I returned a day early from Port Perry, I was missed at home!:) I took fifty dollars and returned with twenty and change. Bought two half price gifts for next year and a dish cloth at the Swedish store. All the rest went on eating out..Watched Carroll buy new jeans, new winter coat and three new jackets..sometimes it was Hard!! It's a winter wonderland here, snow did you make out with the taxes in P.E.I.? love L.Dee

jpkittie said...

holy smokes jane!!!! you sure were one busy gal!!!

I am sad that things are going back to normal :(

The Witch said...

You have more energy than a 20 year old.
Glad to hear that you house is safe, sound, and dry inside.
The winds were awful so you are lucky if all you lost was one shingle.