Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Snapshot of Expenses Brought to You by Spending Diary

My thanks go out again to my good friend Maureen who found this site - This chart shows my expenses for the first week of January. This is one example of the style of chart you can create in the "custom report" section of the website. Or, if you prefer more colourful representations check out the barchart:

You can also get a pie chart if you prefer. I like the colourful charts as it gives me a sense of where I'm spending the most and the least of my money - this week it happens to be savings which puts a smile on my face. And I'm glad to see I am getting my "entertainment" expenses back under control. The misc. category consists of my new prescription sunglasses.

Of course this is only a one week snapshot. Can't wait to see it at the end of the month! and the end of the year!


The Witch said...

Great work on the budget spread sheet. Love how you have changed your header and updated the profile.
I need to do this some day as well.
I just love the look of your house at Crofters Lane and can't wait to see the updates you have planned.
From the outside it looks perfect, and the porch is so inviting. I bet you can't wait till school is finished to get back to it and P.E.I.
Does it have a clay basement? Always great for storing root veggies.

Johanna said...

Tres cool :) I have everything in Quicken and love looking at the charts and graphs.

The Borrower said...

I love that your savings is almost 1/2 of what you bring in! So very jealous! I want to be you when I grow up.

Maureen said...

Jane as you know I love the site, I make it a daily occurence to add my spends, I even add my non spending days.

What an awesome amount to debt, thats one area that I will be increasing once my Personal debt has been paid back.

Canadian Saver said...

Looks like you found a way to track that works for you!!

I like the colors too!

Sharon said...

Very cool...LOVE the $650 in savings!!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to make time and set up my budgets at this website!

and boy! ya'll may get the shaft on booze up there but your housing and phone/internet/cable is CHEAP! my phone/internet is around $85..could get it a bit cheaper if I didn't have home phone I guess but nowhere near $39!


Anonymous said...

Hello..I am first time commenter on your blog (which I recently stumbled upon). Would love you read your news everyday. The problem I am having is having too many blogs to read. Does anyone know how to simplify that? Thanks for your time and info

Anonymous said...

I don't know anonymous - I thought I had too many with 3-4 but sometimes I just stop reading a few then play catch up later. I read a lot between work though which helps! Some dont' interest me any more. this is probably my favorite but for a while I thought it wasn't being updated but it was because for some stupid reason when I bookmarked it on my other computer it saved the last post and always pulled it up instead of the blog itself!